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Forum posts for The Ultimate Closer music

Posted by Katie on Apr 28, 2006
I listened to that song, and maybe I'm missing something, but it wasn't very thrilling. Just music? My computer sucks to it's possible that I didn't get the full effect. Should I listen to it again at home?

On a side note, here is an interesting website to check out:

A guy on Hornby Island (gulf islands, BC) set up a webcam next to an eagle's nest that got built on his property. The baby eagles are apparently expected to be born any day now. You could see it live!

Posted by phduffy on Apr 28, 2006
It's not the music so much as what it represents.....

I don't get it either...
Posted by mike on Apr 28, 2006
But if you love the Ultimate Warrior so much, why don't you marry him... or at least get him to come and give a motivational speech for your company since I believe that is what he does now.

If you care go and check it out:
I don't.

Ultimate Racist
Posted by bryan on Apr 28, 2006
Motivational speaker, promoter of human rights violations... From the top rope!

The 8 year old in me still digs the ultimate warrior closer theme.