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Forum posts for NBA Season Preview 1

Posted by phduffy on Nov 03, 2003
Well, if I'm the only one reading, I may as well be the only one posting!

How bad do the Raptors other than Vince suck?

Michael Fucking Curry is a starter?


Posted by Nerhael on Nov 03, 2003
Surely they have some other good people this year?

I actually don't even know who's on their team anymore. I know A. Williams, and I think JYD are still there, and Mo-Pete, though I gather he was benched on the first game.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 05, 2003
See, that's the funny part.
You would think that a team would have at least a few players that don't suck.
But the Raptors have 2, maybe 3.
Vince Carter doens't suck.
Chris Bosh is super young, but probably won't suck.
JYD sometimes sucks but is doing well so far.
Laymond Murray appears to suck, but there might be room for hope.
Antonio Davis sucks.
Alvin WIlliams is practically a cripple, and therefore sucks.
Milt Palacio sucks.
Jerome Moiso sucks.
Mo Pete sucks.
Rick Brunson is amazing, but sucks.
Chris Jefferies whines, then finally gets to play, then sucks.
Micheal Bradley is white. Ergo, he sucks.

We're still waiting.
Posted by phduffy on Nov 06, 2003
Okay, where's the Eastern Conference brother?

Posted by phduffy on Nov 06, 2003
I want it on record that I am on the Jazz bandwagon this early.
Also, I am willing to put money on them not finishing last.

Posted by Miguel on Nov 06, 2003
Yo the Eastern Conference preview is up, hope yall like it. And yeah, the Jazz are kicking ass....who knew?