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Forum posts for My Adventures on the High Seas

Posted by Katie on Apr 13, 2006
No giggle, I feel awful. This sounded fun and amazing and I am sad it didn't work out.

Maybe you should apply to Carnival directly now, with a resume and all that, to try to get the real job??

Posted by Miguel on Apr 13, 2006
There's nothing to laugh about....this just sucks. I truly feel for you, it's disgusting how people take advantage of those in need.

From here on in here are two safe rules to always go by:

If the contact doesn't have a professional email account - they are scamming you. They might still be scamming you with a professional looking email account, but if a person has a yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc. type account, they are ALWAYS hustlers.

You didn't give them any money so that's good, but NEVER give out any cash for any reason to get a job. 9.99 times out of 10 you will never see that money again.

Thank god you weren't kidnapped or anything like that......that's the important thing. People get scammed all the time, and you lost relatively little money, your life and health are what's most important.

I have the answer
Posted by david on Apr 19, 2006

I came across your post and have the answers you want. Please email me at

We may even have a job opening since you have a medical.