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Forum posts for I love baseball

Holy Crap!
Posted by mike on Apr 05, 2006
My hair is brown... and I don't care. When I was real young it was a lighter colour, but now it's brown.

I am also Canadian.

Also, I was unaware that today was "state the obvious" day.

That's great Duffy
Posted by Miguel on Apr 05, 2006
Thanks for sharing!

I enjoy banana cake, carrot cake, weird psych-folk and nonsensical japanese console RPG's. Where's my prize!?

Soul sucked
Posted by MDuffy on Apr 05, 2006
I saw rob zombie last night and he ate my soul. Now I am lost. O yeah he also wore my hat.
This is not obvious but I needed to point it out.

This one time
Posted by Miguel on Apr 05, 2006
I saw Korn at the Skydome.....I was sitting waaaaaaaaay up in the nosebleeds. And I thought to myself "self, this is the last fucking time you are ever going to a concert in a venue that fits more than.....oh let's say 300 people". It was literally one of the most useless things ever.

Posted by MDuffy on Apr 05, 2006
I only will go to a show if its GA or im on the floor.
NIN at the molson amphitheatre is like 10,000 people but the floor is only big enough for about 500 ill be in front so I could care less how many other peeps are there.