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Forum posts for Advice of the day for March 30th 2006

unless you have a reasonable explanation
Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 30, 2006
I was downloading something for work via MSN... because my workplace is retarded and doesn't let me have access to an FTP...

SOOOOOooo I had to leave it running at work while I went home...
so I set my MSN to 'AWAY' (which is appropriate) and then set my title accordingly (DON'T MESSAGE ME I AM REALLY NOT HERE)
Doesn't that just make sense?

I have over 200 people from around the globe on my MSN, most know me quite well and want to talk... If I leave messenger on and I don't respond people go nuts and think I hate them...

So I think this advice of the day needs to be rescinded...

Reasonable Explanations....
Posted by phduffy on Mar 30, 2006
Can Kiss My ass.


Posted by phduffy on Mar 30, 2006
What kind of egomaniac are you? Automatically assuming I was talking about you... while that advice may or may not have been appropriate in your case, it's solid advice in general.

You know where they leave messenger on all the time, even when they're not there?


now children
Posted by Katie on Mar 30, 2006
I hope you both know that you can set your MSN to "appear offline".

Then people can't talk to you. In fact, you can't talk to them until you decide to appear online in some form or another as well!

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 30, 2006
3 years after it's death, I still think ICQ was the better, more feature rich IM app.

I miss it's invis capabailities, it's ability to send offline messages, it's ability to send long messages.

I don't miss it taking up 20mb of memory. Though MSN now runs at 22.5.

but but
Posted by krys on Mar 30, 2006
so not related....
But isn't today March 30th? not April??