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Forum posts for Miguel's Top 10 Movies of last year!

Update #1
Posted by Miguel on Mar 27, 2006
Numbers 9 & 8 went up on Sunday

UPdate #2
Posted by Miguel on Mar 27, 2006
Movies 7 & 6 added

Posted by phduffy on Mar 27, 2006
The most important lesson to me though, is that no matter how many cute names, stories and human attributes Timothy insisted on giving the bears, they were still just animals looking to eat and survive, a lesson Timothy never learned, not even in the end.

I'm pretty sure he learned that lesson in the end....

Posted by Miguel on Mar 28, 2006

From what I could tell of Tim, he probably thought the bear was "just a little bit grumpy because he didn't pay enough attention to it" even as it was chewing his head off.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 04, 2006
I think you meant format.

I'm calling you out buddy!
Posted by Nerhael on Apr 17, 2006
Where's the rest of the top 10 movies???

Posted by phduffy on Oct 20, 2006
We need numbers 1-5.