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Forum posts for Grade One Photo

Grade One Photo
Posted by pudding on Mar 19, 2006
I can name almost everyone in that picture except the guy standing beside Shawn Main and the girl in the front row on the far right.

James can you shed any light?

Posted by James H> on Mar 19, 2006
There were quite a few people in that photo that I had forgotten about. I didn't remember the guy beside Shawn Main either, but my Mom knew who he was. It was Josh something. The girl in the front row is Amberley White I believe.

but but
Posted by fanoom on Mar 20, 2006
which ones are you guys? I can spot James for sure, and Brad, but Mike and Iain are lost to me

Posted by weberm1 on Mar 20, 2006
mike is the second kid from the left, top row. i think.

but iain and james are lost to me.

Posted by mike on Mar 20, 2006
James is kinda tall. He isn't wearing his glasses or a hat. He's standing between Jeff McMillan and Chris White.

Iain doesn't have any kind of hairdo you might recongnize at this point. He is standing between Robert Petty and Carrie Watson.

Brad has seperated himself from the crowd and is standing beside Chris White and behind Shawn Main.

I am short and look exactly like my dad with kinda blond hair. I am standing between Jonathan Hopkins and some kid I don't recongnize. I am standing behind Robert Petty.

James is two poeple to Brad's right. I am 4 people to James' right. I could very easily kick Iain in his right ass cheek where I am standing.

James: it is Amberly White. I think the kids name was Josh Eccles... but am not sure. Why have you done this?

Posted by krys on Mar 21, 2006
i could pick iain out, he looks soo guilty(like a guilty bastard..ha)

one time i saw Jessica and Julie's grade 2(was it grade 2? i dunno.) picture.. Jessica was hot wearing a pink shirt and a red tie.. she was the coolest, for sure.

Josh Atkinson?
Posted by James H> on Mar 21, 2006
I must be getting nostalgic in my old age. I was looking through some old photos last time I was home and thought that picture was pretty amusing when I came across it.

All I can say is
Posted by Miguel on Mar 22, 2006

Your teacher is wearing a fucking mint sweatshirt. That's is so necessary!