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Forum posts for cottage rental....

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 14, 2006
I should be game. I personally would prefer a different place. Like, I liked the place, but I just would prefer to roam a bit. Maybe try the other side of the penninsula.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 14, 2006
If it's in July or August, and not too close to the August long weekend.

I'm in with limitations.
Posted by mike on Mar 15, 2006
Unfortunately the only weeks I can get off during the summer are the weeks of July 10th, 17th, and 24th or the weeks of August 14th or 21st. Those might get taken if I don't book my time soon.

I would definietely like to go, but if it during the weeks I can't have off I hope the rest of you have fun all the same. Once a date is set I can say yes or no with certainty.

The place we were at last year was great. I remain convinced that any location can be fun with open water and booze.

Posted by weberm1 on Mar 15, 2006
Ah, though this sounds like a fantastic time, i can't do it. wait, i didn't do it last year either.

i only get two weeks vacation, and will hopefully be spending a week of that in europe. so, lack of money + vacation time = no cottage going.

i suck.

Posted by fanoom on Mar 17, 2006
Well, like this looks of this place sleeps 10 for 2000/week. We're also looking at the last two weeks in August, this seems like the most ideal time for everyone involved thus far. So far on the list we have Pete, Krystle, Myself, Mike, Paul, Sarah, possibly Iain, Schaus, Seth. Talk about a sausage fest... Now I know it says it sleeps ten, but there is always more room if you don't mind sleeping on an air matress (which I have multiple). What all this means:

WE as a group need to decide on the optimal weekend for all of us Personally August 12-19 (Sat to Sat) seems like the best option. Of course their calendar is broken today so I'm unsure if it was that week that was available or the next week. I will have to contact this place if it looks good to everyone involved.

So get on it people, make sure you can take off sometime at the end of August, and we'll make a best fit situation. Get on it, these places should have been booked a month ago.


Posted by fanoom on Mar 17, 2006
This particular place is available from august 12th on so the balls in your court if you want to drive to parry sound for this place

Posted by mike on Mar 17, 2006
Their schedule shows open time from Aug 12 right to the end of August.

I am in for a time between Aug 12th and Aug 27th.

I am assuming it is on one of the small lakes (compared to the great lakes) near McKellar... perhaps 4-5 hours north. Let's go pet some bears!