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Forum posts for You will have a heart attack just from reading this article.

Pffft I laugh dismissively at this
Posted by Miguel on Mar 10, 2006

I'm sure I've told this story a bazillion times. But I'm nothing if not a senile old codger reliving his glory dayzzz.

While in Portugal I had one of the city of Porto's treasured dishes The Francezinha (Little French Girl). The other dish is beans and cow tripe.

Anyways the little French Girl (which Duffy has also had) consists of: ham, a pork cutlet, sausage and sometimes chicken or another type of pork on two pieces of bread. That sandwhich is then WRAPPED in cheese, so that a solid cube of fromage lies in front of you. And then the piece du resistante, a secret sauce which usually contains both vodka and absinthe and what I guess is a whole fucking cube of beef stock amongst other delights.....fries on the side of course. Little skinny portuguese girls would wolf this down after a night out.

OH OH OH, sometimes there's a fried egg on top of it! It's extra delicious and nutricious then.

I really don't know how everyone in Porto hasn't died from massive heart failure.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 10, 2006

I think McSweeney's is awesome
Posted by phduffy on Mar 10, 2006

Posted by phduffy on Mar 20, 2014
celebrity snatch