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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for March 9th 2006!

No Fear
Posted by mike on Mar 09, 2006
You're right man, never be afraid to take a day off. Be afraid to come back the day after you take a day off.

I love the mentality of people. "Oh... there only gone for one day. There is obviosly no point in taking care of any of this bullshit while they are gone. I'll just put it into a heap on their desk organized based on whatever time I decide to throw it there. They'll be in tommorrow with all kinds of free time that they really want to spend having to get 2 days work done."

I concur
Posted by Katie on Mar 09, 2006
Mike, you're exactly right.

Why is this world full of incompetents??

thank you
Posted by bryan on Mar 09, 2006
that comic was fucking awesome.

Posted by bryan on Mar 09, 2006
The world is full of incompetents because everyone is too busy worrying about their own personal shit, what star jones wore to the oscars., or how other people think they are incompetent. Some combination of the those. Quite possibly some other stuff too.

yeah, but...
Posted by weberm1 on Mar 10, 2006
Ok, i can't speak for EVERYONE out there, but i can give my own opinion. i leave shit on peoples desk when they aren't around, whether it be on vacation or what. and ya know what, it's not necessarily organized.

i look at it this way. i have enough work to do for myself. i don't really see why i need to deal with every single issue and organize the mail or whatever that might be piling up on your desk. my boss has been away, enjoying himself in mexico, for two weeks now, and on top of doing full time site inspection, i have also been playing project manager on 5 of his projects. so, i'm a little swamped. i don't want to, nor have the time to, respond to every single issue for every single job. right now, my bosses office is piling up with shit that i just don't have time to deal with.

so, basically all i'm trying to say is this. you take the vacation time, expect things to be insanely hectic upon return to the office. that's the way it works. people have their own shit to do, and don't necessarily want to deal with yours.

Posted by mike on Mar 10, 2006
You boss being away is not a bad thing, it is actually very positive, especially if they are completely unavailable. This is your opportunity to excel in your job. If your boss isn't there to handle thier shit and make decisions then you get to do it.

If you were someones boss would you be more pleased to come back to an office full of random bullshit and backed up decisions to make or to come back to an office where there was little to no chaos, things were organized, and 90% of the decisions had been taken care of? Even if things were nto done exactly the way you wanted I am confident that you would be pleased that you didn't have 2 weeks of catching up to do.

When my boss first went away I thought it was crap. Most things went into a holding pattern until he got back. That was the first time. The next time I decided I couldn't wait for some shit to get done do I made some of the more routine decisions myself expecting to get some flack upon his return. He came back and nothing bad happened. The next times I made more and more decisions without him. I still didn't get shit. I then decided to keep pushing, even when he was around. The next thing I knew it was review time and I was told that he was very pleased that he didn't have to be directly involved in my aspect of the business. Since that point I have more or less stopped asking about anything, I just do it if it makes sense.

The interesting thing to point out is that I actually takes me less time to accomplish things. Instead of having to asses the situation, see your boss, break down the situation for them, and lead them to the correct course of action, then carry out the rest of the procedure, all you have to do is realize what the correct course of action is, determine if you could convince your boss if it was correct if you were asked about it, and the do it.

Vacations are the perfect time to show your boss that you don't actually need their contstant input. Vacations are also the perfect time to demonstrate to various coworkers that you are fully capable of doing their job as well.

No one person is indispensalbe... not even yourself.

oh, i know.
Posted by weberm1 on Mar 10, 2006
mmmm....maybe i was bitter when i made my last post. the fact that my boss isn't here is a good thing for me. i'm busting my ass, and getting things done, and was told today that i'm getting a window office (my work has a crazy office heirarchy going on, so that's a really good thing for me). so, i guess my hard work is paying off.

all i meant by my first post is that while i can take care of about 90% of the shit, there is going to be some stuff i just can't do. either i don't know how, or i don't have time. so, my boss will have about 4-5 days of catching up to do, as compared to 12, which i think it ok.

but, if you take one day off, or two, don't expect anyone else to take care of your shit. i usually don't do this for my project managers unless something urgent comes up.