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Forum posts for Concert Review NIN

Posted by Palmer on Mar 08, 2006
Sadly enough, the NIN show in Ottawa has been cancelled - no rescheduling since they couldn't fit it in...don't know if that was the venue's fault, or the bands'. I know Ottawa didn't sell out the show.

Here's my note on Ottawa fans. They suck. I really don't like going to see a show in Ottawa. They are reserved.

But, this isn't always the case. I've been to a few concerts (Pearl Jam (heyy...just read that they are kicking off the tour in Toronto!), Tool (new album coming out!), U2) where the crowd is the most amazing I've ever fact, I was just reading on the Pearl Jam message boards that everyone thought that Ottawa was the best show of the Canada tour a few months back. Awesome!

If you put some band that's been around the block a few times in Ottawa, the show is lame. But give them something they haven't seen before, the crowd is WILD!

I personally prefer hoofing it the 1 1/2 hours to Montreal so I can live within the pit which is rock. Montreal knows how to do it up. Quebec on its own has a rock vibe to it...just listen to the radio stations. Man, I remember seeing Metallica at the Summer Sanitarium tour...that was an insane crowd.

I went to see NIN in Montreal and it was great. Unfortunately I wasn't part of the Spiral club so my chances for floor seats were limited...I ended up in the bowl, but it was still a good concert nonetheless.

Did you catch them at the Gardens during the Fragile tour? I was there was great.

Posted by MDuffy on Mar 08, 2006
Ok where are your sources that say OTT has been cancelled??? I am spiral and I have not received any email or anything. Actually I got an email that says they are trying to set up a show for spiral members only because of this cancelation.
By the way everything I read said Hamilton was the best crowd for the last PJ tour but who know.

I was at the last show in Montreal and I drove 6-7 hours to get there just for NIN, Fortunetly I got a spot right in front of jeordie on the railing and managed to keep it for the whole show (I have video and pics). Had to stand there for about 6 hours and endure the whiny voice of QOTSA (ugggggg). ANyways it was well worth it and one of the best shows i've ever seen.

Just wondering if you can point me some concrete evidence showing that the concert has been cancelled. I HOPE THEY DO A PRIVATE SHOW FOR SPIRAL!!

Hey if you boot to Montreal for NIN, Rob Zombie is playing there in April should be fucking wicked. New album. O and by the way about the Tool album this month... ill see you in the pit, ill be the guy in the front row just like when I saw them in Hamilton! That is one ill go to TO and MON to see them twice!
See you in the pit,

Here You Go.
Posted by Palmer on Mar 08, 2006

The last line says it all " House of Blues and the band were unable to settle on a date to reschedule the Ottawa show. "

Also...the Scotiabank Place website:

Looks like they are automatically refunding credit cards. That wouldn't make sense if they were going to reschedule the date.

A Spiral Only show would be super they could be going ahead with that for all I know. Man, I should have signed up for that fan club. I'm thinking of signing up for the PJ one.

Whoa! Rob way! I haven't seen him so I'll have to look into it.

BTW, I have a decent recording of the MTL show of NIN...found it from some girl who randomly blogged about it the day after. I can hook you up if you don't already have a copy.

Posted by MDuffy on Mar 08, 2006
Arg, cancelled. Lol well the spiral club hasn't shown me anything yet about a refund so im going to wait and hope for the best.
I was thinking about joining the Tool Army but there is nothing about presale tickets. Presale is the main reason I joined the spiral anyways.

Rob zombie yes! I believe its on April 3rd in MTL and im going to TO on the 4th.

By the way I would love a bootleg of the MTL show as I was in the front. I have really killer video footage from the TO and MTL shows (MTL I was in front row so the tape is kind of distorted by bass but its still cool).

Anyways ill keep you posted if I read anything from the spiral site that might mention whats going on with the show.
See you in the pit!