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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for March 7th 2006!

Posted by bryan on Mar 07, 2006
Natalie Portman, hard as fuck.

House of Cosbys episode 1.

Citibank ATM SCANDAL! ROYAL BANK/CENTURA cards compromised!!

Posted by bryan on Mar 07, 2006
first two links contain questionable content. No nudity, but if you work in an office full of stuffy suit types, I'd keep the volume down.

Also, you may not find it all that funny. I have been up for a long time, and at 4 am pretty much ANYTHING is funny.

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 07, 2006
That Cosby thing was both over the top stupid, and amazing at the same time.

Is there an actual series of episodes? Or just that one?

I'm the Juggernaut Bitch!!
Posted by Nerhael on Mar 07, 2006

....stupid perhaps....but still funny.

Posted by mike on Mar 07, 2006
I understood that he was the juggernaut the first time it was said. The second time drove the point home for me. The third time represented the end of comedic value. The next 5 times introduced unneeded repetition. After that I started to REALLY hate it. I wanted to see the unedited episode though.

Anyway... I didn't know there was a google video search. I also didn't know there is some kind of Star Trek Sims game. Unfortunately this gets old after a few minutes as well but keeps goind.

house of cosbys
Posted by bryan on Mar 08, 2006
had 4 episodes before cosby got sand in his vagina and threatened to sue.

There is a hilarious 5th episode that was made in response to this, I very much recommend you don't watch it at work.

also, ijuggernaut, bitch stopped being funny @ 5 times, but by time 37 it looped back around to funny again.