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Forum posts for Skiing VS Snowboarding

Hold up
Posted by MDuffy on Mar 07, 2006
Snowboard bashing, think your cool eh. OK personally I think that the majority of the skiiers and the annoyances on the hills. Waving their two planks in front of me. Doing their jump turns on the steep pitch without caring to watch for anyone lse coming down. e Major cut offs, etc...
ANYWAYS I must say. Snowboarding is more of a challenge to learn and pick up but once you get it it is far easier to progress and learn more about riding than skiing. Any "retard" as you would say can jump on a set of skiis and be flying by the end of the day. Any focused individual with a divine attitude towards learning the sport of snowboarding can do the same. It just seems to me that skiing is pretty basic and once you pick it up theres no where to go.

All im really trying to say is ill take you on my board anyday of the week fada.

Posted by Mona on Mar 07, 2006
I showed your opinion to a skiing friend. She's been taking high school kids to Blue Mountain for a few years. She also got really hurt by a snowboarder who crashed into her. Her take about the post :

I read it. I hate snowboarders because so many of them rip right down the hill at full speed (no turning) and take out skiers. Many don't obey the safety rules of the hill, probably because they're testostrone-driven young males, hooked on speed.

I don't know how to post (and I don't want to get a login) to the wolfshack, but if you want to do a post for me in response to the article, you could tell the guy that skiing is easy to learn, but very hard to be good. Snowboarding is hard to learn, but very easy to be good. If he keeps at it, he'll eventually overtake his wife. Just tell him not to take me out on the hill.

I've stopped night skiing on Friday and Saturday nights. Not safe. None of my friends go then anymore, either. Too many teenagers ripping down hills wearing iPods full blast. No fun. Plus Blue Mountain has totally exploited the hill. Huge line ups. Ugh.


Skiing vs. Snowboarding Rivalry
Posted by heini on Mar 22, 2006
Ahh the old skiing vs. snowboarding rivalry. It’s funny how the ones who usually have such hate towards the other sport are usually the ones who having only mastered one of the two sports.

I, on the other hand, have done both. I skied from when I was 7 until I was 14 years old and then tried snowboarding and have been doing that ever since. I remember feeling the same way when I was first learning snowboarding.. “I have been a skier for about XX or so years, so really how hard could it be right?” My first two weeks learning to snowboard, I sprained both my wrists and broke my tale bone. Now imagine being a high school student and having to bring a doughnut pillow to sit on each class. NOT cool… But I hated being bad at a sport so I kept at it until I could make it down the hill without falling.

Coming from a family of all skiers, I’m used to the anti-snowboarder comments. In fact my Dad would always say how snowboarding took “no skill”… until I took him out on a board to try to teach him and he was only able to do the bunny run twice (falling numerous times and sweating through his jacket) before he quit. He told me afterwards that he had a new respect for snowboarding.

Now I agree that there are some pretty ignorant snowboarders out there. Probably because snowboarding is still a newer sport and most snowboarders are still relatively young (i.e. people in their teens or twenties). BUT I can also say that I have come in contact with equally as ignorant skiers. Like skiers that play follow-the-leader on a narrow flat part of the hill, so that you can’t get by them without stopping and taking a foot out of your binding… or the group of skiers who all stop sideways in the middle of the hill or at the entrance to the run.. or while waiting in line, the ones who push their skis right up against my board or even on my board or who jab their poles into my board (all scratching the shit out of it) because they are too damn impatient/incompetent to wait a foot being me in line. It’s funny how skiers always seems to use the complaint “snowboarders push all the snow down the hill”.. isn’t the first step you learn in skiing called “snowplowing” (pretty self explanatory, in my opinion) Last time I checked, snowplowing skis can be almost twice the length of a snowboard, which means twice the snow being scraped down the hill. And I’m sorry but when I was a beginner skier, I could point my skis straight down the hill and probably make it to the bottom without falling or injuring myself.. If you tried to do that on a snowboard you would catch an edge and kill yourself. So these snowboarders that you see “rip down the hill” are likely in more control that you are. I can say that I have been cut off by equally as many skiers as snowboarders in my lifetime, if not more skiers. I’ve almost lost an eye just walking around the village or in the parking lot due to skiers balancing their skis and poles across their shoulders and walking out of control wearing their ridiculous boots. And what is with the outfits?! It boggles my mind why anyone would choose to purchase and wear out in public a full body fluorescent purple ski jump suit. Do ski outfits only come in neon?! I agree with the statements “skiing is easy to learn” and “snowboarding is hard to learn”, but having being a snowboarder now for ten seasons and I am stilling learning and have so much to master still. On that note, skiing and snowboarding are both “very hard to be good.”

In conclusion, having done both skiing and snowboarding, I recommend skiing for elderly individuals, with poor fashion sense, who don’t like change or a challenge and who prefer traveling down hill at minimal speeds making wide S-turns with complete disregard to everyone else on the hill.

See you at Blue next season.