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Forum posts for Approprate or Inappropriate?

sorry carrie
Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 17, 2006
Here's the thing...

It's not like you are sharing a 3 bedroom apartment with friends...
this is a residence that rents our single rooms for short time periods...

That is their business... to let you use the rooms without paying is a little silly...

I feel that they express it properly when they say

"If you were renting the entire house you could have who ever you
want stay as you please - it would be your home to do with as you like.
But, you are renting a single room in a rooming house."

Business is business.....

Posted by phduffy on Feb 17, 2006
I think they're being assholes, but what are you going to do?

I rented a room in a house in Mississauga, and when the spare room was free, my landlady was fine with having people sleep there, as long as you let her know first.

That said, I think it's their right to be assholes. It's a business, and if they want to be stupid motherfuckers and run their business that way.... well okay.

I don't think you're being unreasonable though.

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 17, 2006
You're essentially living in a hotel...

Those rooms are just rooms in a hotel, I don't think they're being assholes, they have a clearly defined business.

Living room?
Posted by corncobrob on Feb 17, 2006
I don't know. Maybe they have a technical right to do that, but I still think its being quite extreme.
I wrote back to them and said since my rent entitles me to the use of the kitchen and livingroom, that I would have ny guests sleep in the living room. I hope that is reasonable.

I just think they are being cheap about it. Imagine you had to charge your parents to stay over at your house for a night? That's a little much I think.

you're right
Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 17, 2006
using the living room is fine.. they wouldn't usually charge people to use it..

shit you can't go to a hotel and just ask to use the room across the hall because your friends are stopping by and no one is using it anyway...

doesn't make much sense in this situation either...
they are renting rooms.. you want to use a room?.. you have to rent it

pretty cut and dried..

YES.. they COULD just be nice and let you use it.. but some people aren't nice.. sure logically they wouldn't LOSE anything by letting your friends stay there..
but I don't think they are being assholes...

In other news GYMS SUCK.. fuck them Schaus don't give them money!

Posted by Katie on Feb 17, 2006
Perhaps not completely out of bounds but I would be as outraged as you.

And it is also hilarious that they're making you move out anyway. They're not making enough money, they realize that, so why try to bilk you of a the last few pennies in your pocket?

I have been forced to realize, however, that people are not always as "nice" or "understanding" as one would like.

I guess there's not a lot you can do in this case. But my suggestion is that you pick the locks and use the rooms anyway.

Posted by Numinous on Feb 17, 2006
landlord = not asshole
they rent rooms for short periods of time, you want friends to stay for a short time..... The way I see it thats no different then going into a hardware store asking to "borrow" a hammer because you need to hang a picture. I sell hammer for $5.99 of which I make 50 cents. You want to "borrow" a hammer?..... The fucking door is at the front of the store.

gyms = there is no word that can express my rage
I was trying to be nice....... even after you fucked me, I still had a smile on my face....... THEN you turn around and fuck me again..... dust off your suit and tie, get me a pink drink with a long straw, and I will see you in court.

on a side note: If any gym owners out there want to "borrow" a hammer I will be more then happy to take it to your place of business and throw it through your window.

Posted by corncobrob on Feb 17, 2006
Okay. So after I said we would sleep in the living room here is the reply:
"The common spaces (kitchen
& living room) are to be kept clean and tidy at all times for the
benefit of everyone. - no one is permitted to sleep in these rooms."

Now, I understand they want to keep the spaces clean. However, there are 2 of us in the house and the other girl said she didn't care if my friends were over. Can they really ban me from sleeping in the living room? That seems so absurd. The rooms - okay, fine whatever. But the living room?
I guess I should not have said anything in the first place about the living room - the problem being though that they have been doing renovations all week so I am sure they would be in the house over the weekend.

Well we will be sleeping at Ryan's this weekend. Bless our gracious last minute host!

Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 17, 2006
now they're just being dicks....

Definitely assholes
Posted by pudding on Feb 18, 2006
Two things are glaringly obvious:

1) These people are assholes
2) These assholes suck at running a business

They should be glad that they are getting at least SOME rent money to offset their costs. You didn't mention how long you've lived there, but in the business world it is often the case that long-term "customers" get rewards, ie letting people use an empty room for a weekend. Also, if they are renovating tell them it is an inconvenience and demand either a rent reduction for that period or that you will settle with the use of an empty room for one weekend.

It'd be nice...
Posted by Hatful on Feb 20, 2006
On their part it would be a nice gesture to let your friends sleep in the room.
But it is a business..
But also $15 a night AND they provide the fresh linens is pretty good deal.

The living room thing.. I don't understand some people...
Landlords can be a crazy bunch..
I am looking for an apartment for myself right now, and I found a "1 Bedroom".. nice place. The bedroom was an alcove with a curtain.