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Forum posts for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Posted by nszyngie on Nov 06, 2003
thanks for the review. I saw the flick in the theatre, and was blown away by how it wasn't what I expected at all. Sam Rockwell has made a name for himself with that role.
Seeing as how you wrote such an awesome review, I was wondering if you could post something about Solaris . . . worth renting?

Posted by phduffy on Nov 07, 2003
Solaris was kind of meh to me. Not horrible, but sort of slow, and they never really answer what the hell is going on... I wanted to like it, since I'm a sf nerd and try to like everything sf related as some sort of defence mechanism, but I'm just not sure. I would say pass, maybe watch it if it's ever on TV one night.

Posted by phduffy on Dec 13, 2003
Is it me, or was there just a little bit too much of Sam Rockwell's ass?