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Forum posts for Conquest Canada

Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 14, 2006
I know you have dumb ideas to make people look foolish. I need complex/retarded/hilarious missions for Conquest Canada this year. Here is what I have so far. Get your thinking caps on and contribute!

Missions for Conquest Canada 2006

1. Hockey is Canada’s favourite sport. Have a team member dress in full hockey Goalie attire. Take a photo.
2. Kraft Dinner is a Canadian original. Prepare your finest Kraft Dinner for the Judges.
3. Find a group member with the best talent. Have them practice and get ready for the talent show on the final day of our trip.
4. One Thousand (1000) origami paper cranes
5. The World Cup is here again. Find a souvenir of any past World Cup. (Bonus points for the oldest item)
6. Create the largest structure (HxLxW) using only playing cards and staples.
7. A porcupine quill
8. Take a group picture with identical twins (Bonus points if they are dressed the same).
9. How much are the most expensive seats for a Hockey game in the Air Canada Centre, Corel Centre and the Centre Bell.
10. Choose a team member to get a haircut by Trevor. (BE BRAVE! Bonus points for a female team member).
11. Boarding passes from as many airlines as possible. (points for each pass)
12. Matches or a flyer from club Super Sex in Montreal.
13. Who fought on the Plains of Abraham. Take a group picture with the winner.
14. Get a pin, poster, or other advertisement for a minor Canadian political party. (Not the NDP, Liberal or Conservative)
15. Same sex marriage is legal in Canada (for now). Find a same-sex married couple and take a picture with them. MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF MARRIAGE!
16. Take a picture with any Canadian elected official. Bonus points if they are a member of the provincial or federal levels of government.
17. Take a picture of your group in front of Maple Leaf Gardens. When did Toronto’s favourite team stop using this arena? (Bonus points if taken inside the Gardens)
18. A picture of your team with ‘Hooters’ waitresses. (The most in one picture will receive bonus points)
19. Get a letter from another English Language school explaining that KGIC is the best English Language school in Canada. (must be written on letterhead from that school)
20. Get a letter from a foreign embassy or consulate wishing your team (specifically) good luck on Conquest Canada.
21. Find the dumbest souvenir of Niagara Falls. (dumbest will be determined by judges) You don’t need to buy it, just take a picture.
22. Get a team picture with a little league team in full uniform.
23. Have a team member recite Pi too 50 digits for the judges. Must be done by memory!
24. Spell your group’s name in sign language.
25. Find a high ranking member of any branch of the Canadian military. Take a group picture with them.
26. Obtain the information you need to join a branch Canadian military.
27. Who is on Canada’s highest monetary denomination? Bonus for a picture of the bill
28. Find someone born on February 29th (with proof). Take a group picture with them and the proof.
29. Where is this quote from?
“…We are dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow
Loved and were loved and now we lie…”
Who was the author? When was it written?
30. Light a cigar with a $100 bill. Be careful not to burn more than 45 % of the bill. Have it replaced by a bank.
31. A picture of the oldest newspaper you can find.
32. Currency from as many foreign countries as you can find.
33. Create a team name.
34. Find the Big Apple off highway 401. How far (in km) from the Apple to Seoul, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Tokyo, Ankara and Taipei?
35. The German language has no word for ‘fluffy’. Find a word for ‘fluffy’ in as many languages as possible.
36. Get your team name mentioned in the news. Points will be determined by medium, and coverage.
37. Take a picture with a Celebrity. Bonus points if it is a Canadian Celebrity.
38. Give blood to the Canadian Red Cross. Take a picture with one of the nurses.
39. Reenact a musical from a Disney animation. Bonus points for costumes.
40. Perform a martial-arts demonstration for the judges.
41. Get married. (bonus for same-sex marriage).
42. Find the statue of Timothy Eaton in Toronto. Take a picture of group members rubbing his foot, it’s supposed to be good luck!
43. Take a group photograph with a Wayne Gretzky rookie card. Bonus if the card is autographed.
44. Dye your hair yellow and green to show your KGIC pride!
45. Trevor loves the band ‘Led Zepplin’ and wants you to find the following; A Black Dog, A Communication Breakdown, A Heart Breaker, and a Stairway to Heaven.
46. Have your group appear on a Canadian television program.
47. Find a team member who can tie a knot in the stem of a cherry using only their tongue. Bring your own cherry.
48. Get a team member to jump rope with a length of licorice. They must eat the licorice afterwards.

That is the beginning, ADD TO IT!