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Forum posts for BONUS: Advice of the Day for February 10th , 2006

Posted by weberm1 on Feb 10, 2006
Trev, sorry to hear that the glasses didn't really work out, but you know what this means right? This means you get to wear the geek glasses until next week.

shit, maybe you should take the new glasses breaking as some kind of sign?

Posted by phduffy on Feb 10, 2006
They are paid to make a long posting history, to have maybe 40 or 50 online personas in different forums, and make upwards of 200 posts per day. Eventually, once they have the trust of people who frequent the forums they will begin placing information about the products they are paid to promote.

That's how the wolfshack was created. Nerhael and myself contacted a marketing company to see if we could pull it off, and they said yes. That's how he got a new car and I got a new TV. We've just been stringing you along for the past 2 plus years so that one day we can reveal that you should be buying X-Ray glasses.

Remember boys and girls
Posted by Nerhael on Feb 10, 2006
Drink Coke. It's the bestest.

Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 11, 2006
I got new glasses at LensCrafters and they are super awesome, for real.