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Forum posts for So...

Posted by alltogethernow on Jan 24, 2006
basically how I thought it would play out....
minority governments are good.. everyone has to work together to accomplish anything.. So you get moderate, middle of the road results to any sort of Tory initiative...


My vote meant something!!!
Olivia Chow FTW!

Tony Ianno get the hell out of Trinity-Spadina this here is NDP country...
The mustache may not have won Federally, but his wife sure is representin' in our riding...

ALSO as a side-note
The Liberals in our district were doing some weird shit.. I think they lost quite a few votes due to the fact that they kept 'Challenging' people's votes... including Seth and Jessica who were GOING TO vote Liberal...

But she challenged their right to vote and because the NDP candidate stood up for their rights they ended up voting NDP...

I don't know how often this usually happens but it is the first time I have seen it.............

ENJOY YOUR VICTORY ... bets on what they want to accomplish first?
Tax cuts ... or to rid the country of the Gay Menace?

Posted by phduffy on Jan 24, 2006
I think things would have been alot better if the Liberals would have won about 5 to 10 less seats, and those seats had gone to either the NDP or the Conservatives. That way you can have a traditional minority government, not this all for one type bullshit you have now.

That's very weird about the challenging thing. I remember when i was working on the provincial campaign that you had the right to challenge, but it wasn't something we were really interested in doing.

The Conservatives have 5 priorities, and I suspect they'll go for that first. SMS is not on the agenda. I think that the first item they'll pass will be the accountability act.

Aaron's blog has a copy of Harper's speech, he lays out some priorites there:

Posted by alltogethernow on Jan 24, 2006
I am willing to bet that the first priority is to get about a billion auditors sniffin around everything the Liberals have done for the past 12 years...

They will probably want to dig up everything they can to further cement the Liberal = Corrupt they can... and for good reason...

I agree that it would have been much better for the NDP to hold a few more seats so that they could hold the balance of power.. would be nice for The Mustache to be in such a position.. (like they kinda-sorta were before taking down the government...)

Well.. good times await.. lots of dicking around to be sure.. it'll be like Israel for awhile.. cept they have like 30 parties in loose alliances.. instead of our measely 4....

Any independents get voted in this time around?
And did that university professor from MIT or whatever get elected?
(can't remember his name)

Posted by phduffy on Jan 24, 2006
A (federalist) radio host from Quebec city was elected as an independent.

Igantief, the Harvard professor, was actually elected fairly easily.

And the Green party came in third in Bruce - Grey Owen sound with around 12% of the vote.

Posted by mike on Jan 24, 2006
I am so angry that my eyebrows hurt from scowling all day.

How in the hell in a race between assholes and fuck-ups did not a single Green MP get elected! For about 5 minutes CBC showed a Green candidate leading... and then it dissapeared and didn't come back. Pretty proud of Shane Jollie though... Miller had it locked up, but I was very surprised Ovid's wife did so well. I was also surprised that the NDP got 11% in Grey... from what I read she really sucked as a candidate.

I wanted two things:
#1: at least one Green MP somewhere so that they would have to let them debate and get their message out in 1.5 to 2 years.

#2: not a conservative majority. At least I got that... they have seriously had their wings clipped. Only things that made sense can get done. They will sort throught he last 12 years, implement accountability, and cut the GST. If they fail to get at least 3 out of their top 5 priorites done they will look like chumps for the upcoming election.

At least the NDP gained solid ground. My guess is that we will be voting again in May 2007. Depending on the political climate at that time I am hoping for some Green... I just really want to see what they do with a seat or two.

Actually physically?
Posted by Katie on Jan 24, 2006
What is this challenging your vote thing?

Posted by phduffy on Jan 24, 2006
If they fail to get at least 3 out of their top 5 priorites done they will look like chumps for the upcoming election.

Not sure I agree. It's different under a minority government. You put those priorites up for vote, and then if you lose you blame someone else. And I think that's legit.

I think it'll be interesting to see them having to broker deals with the NDP. During the last budget vote, when the NDP got their 4 billion dollar spending spree included in the budget, there was a lot of talk about "Deals with the Devil".

Which didn't make much sense to me, because the Liberals were just doing what you have to do in a minority government, working with the other parties.

long and dumb
Posted by alltogethernow on Jan 24, 2006
The challenging of a vote goes back millions of years to the dawn of democracy. The traditions involved have changed little since its inception...

Usually the encounter will begin with a representative of one of the parties in your riding dispute the fact that;

- You are a citizen of Canada
- You have not already voted
- You live in that particular riding

The challenge usually begins with a slap to the face of the potential voter... accompanied by the words "I CHALLENGE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE!"
This does not need to be said in a loud voice, but it is suggested you use a terrible Quebecois french accent for historic authenticity.

After the challenge is given the potential voter and the challenging representative are taken to the 'elections Canada circle of death' where the weapons selection occurs....

Sabres are most common, but any fatal (or non fatal) elements can be used for the duel... fists are encouraged .. They add a more visceral appeal to the proceedings..

Once in the circle anything goes! The last one left standing gets to vote.. Its as simple as that... Certain provisions will be granted if you are physically unable to fight with the party representative whom challenged your right to vote...

If this is the case you MAY appoint a champion who will fight on your behalf with the blessings of whatever god you happen to worship...

In this specific case Seth was first challenged by the Liberal representative at our polling station her name (according to the autopsy report) was "Liberal McStuckupbitch". After entering the ring Seth chose short serrated knives and got down to business... quickly dispatching his opponent.

Her twitching gutted remains were a fantastic testament to his democratic prowess... His voice was heard that day...

Jessica was the second to be challenged, just moments after Liberal McStuckupbitch's corpse was cleared away by two acne-challenged teens employed for pennies an hour to count these 'ballots' everyone is so concerned about. I heard one such youth mutter something about how "cleaning up entrails wasn't part of my job description".

Jessica's challenger was a man twice her size. He was wearing a 3 piece suit and introduced himself as Mr. Lovestosmokecock. He stood there mocking her and chomping hard on a large, cheap cigar. The smoke made Jessica's eyes water, but her vision was not blurred... her building rage kept her focus clear...

Weapons were handed out, but Jessica refused them... preferring to use her patented "drunken wrestling technique". Her sparring partner Peter will attest to its effectiveness...

To prepare Jessica downed a bottle of fake strawberry "wine" with enough alcohol content to set her right. Once the last drops were upon her tongue she lunged for Lovestosmokecock's ankles... her usual opening.

The large man was nothing before such an effective shoe-lace tackle taught to Jessica by her father (a one time Olympic champion... look it up). Falling backwards was fatal for Lovestosmokecock. He had fallen into the ballot box and severed his spine causing immediate paralysis... Jessica is one to show mercy .. and actually let him live... her vote was NDP to spite these Liberal neigh-sayers..

That’s how you challenge a vote.

Posted by phduffy on Jan 24, 2006
They pay the vote counters pretty decent money.

Posted by alltogethernow on Jan 24, 2006
obviously i am not stating facts above... :)


our entire voting station was completely staffed with kids..
i swear there was not an employee of elections canada in that room who could even vote...

Posted by phduffy on Jan 24, 2006
the way the provincial one worked (and I'd assumed the federal worked) was that each station had two people, one from the ruling party, and one from the opposition party. (not sure how it works in ridings where an NDP is in power).

All the people working are campaign volunteers.

Posted by Katie on Jan 24, 2006
so they do actually physically challenge you! I can't believe that Jessie and Seth both went to the same place and both got told that someone doesn't think they're eligible to vote.

Why the fuck would they do that?

And how do you know it's a liberal who is challenging you? Where I voted everyone looked pretty much the same, no one had buttons on or anything.

wrong duffy!@!!!!!
Posted by alltogethernow on Jan 24, 2006
The people at our stations were MANY...
and they were PAID, not volunteers! (I know this because when i was registering to vote another kid came around and asked for everyone's information so they could "get paid")

There was one girl (about 16) at the door helping people register...
I swear I could have had anything as ID and she would have let me...
there were 5 polling stations (the voting blind deals) with 2 people at each (also looked to be little kids)...

Also... there were representatives from the two major parties in our riding the NDP and Liberals... at each polling station..

Now as for Katie's question I am not sure how they knew who was who.. because I wasn't challenged.. despite having little more than my word that i was eligable to vote...

PS - you can't wear buttons or other party merchandise inside the polling station.. even if you are voting and are wearing an NDP pin they will make you take it off..

Posted by phduffy on Jan 24, 2006
Yeah, I know they were paid. I already said that.
What I said was that they were campaign volunteers. People who are volunteering with one of the campaigns.

I wonder if it's based on who came first and second in the riding in the last election? That would probably make more sense (ie, doens't make sense that in an NDP riding it would be a Conservative and a Liberal, just because they're first and second).

Each of the polls had two people. So that would make like 10 to 20 at a place, depending on how many polls were there, plus one or two extras to read the cards and stuff.

Posted by jessie on Jan 24, 2006
i think what you just said makes sense paul....

yeah last night was quite the night....damn i am glad i had the foresight to bring a giant bottle of 'wine'...

Posted by mike on Jan 25, 2006
I feel much better about things today... now that the dust has started to settle.

The Conservatives promised 5 things:
1.) Cut the GST
2.) "Get tough on crime"... whatever that means
3.) Fix the corruption in government
4.) Get rid of the "fiscal imbalance"
5.) um... something else I don't specifically remember. Maybe improve relations with the US? Maybe disband the gun registry?

If they can't get at least 3 of these things done they will be a total failure as a government in my eyes and look like chumps.

FACT: if they can't get these things done they will have plenty of stories and "spin" of who is to blame (not them) and so forth. I get that.

I think that is bullshit. They can get these things done with some compromises. If they fail to compromise they will fail as a minority government. If the government breaks down and another election is called because they pushed too hard to enact one of their promises then they will at least have the credibility associated with trying to do what they said they would do. There is all kinds of common ground to work with, almost every party wanted to cut taxes, fix corruption, and do something with the fiscal imbalance. If they can't get things to work I have no choice to put them in the category of chumps.

The Conservatives can work with the Bloc on fiscal imbalance, the NDP on taxes, and anybody (except maybe the Liberals) on fixing government. They just need to compromise.

Posted by phduffy on Jan 25, 2006
Great post Mike. Excellent points.

Posted by mike on Jan 25, 2006
I'm so totally awesome... and modest.
I also smell nice, can lift like 30 lbs. over my head, and occaisionally shoot laser beams from my armpits, but I don't want to brag.

Posted by phduffy on Jan 25, 2006
you can lift a whole 30lbs?

Right over my head!
Posted by mike on Jan 25, 2006
I figure with a couple more years of training I can get to 35 lbs.