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Forum posts for Goodbye Lenin

Posted by corncobrob on Jan 19, 2006

Posted by cosmicfish on Jan 19, 2006
I totally agree, this movie was great.

Posted by Miguel on Jan 19, 2006
Wait....did someone abduct Carrie Anderson, force her to give up her user name and password for the wolfshack, and then post about Goodbye Lenin in her name?

I would think that the above was true, except that the Hasselhof video is pure Anderskin.

Oh, and let me tell you, it's very easy to steal usernames and passwords. This is not really Miguel.

Posted by Palmer on Jan 20, 2006
Can I also say that I echo Miguel's (who is not really Miguel) sentiments towards Carrie's review?

One would think that the word 'give'r' would have appeared in that review, but no, it was actually a nice review which makes people want to go watch it!

Perhaps she is gearing up for a new position at the Ottawa Sun as movie reviewer extraordinaire?