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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for January 12th, 2006

One more thing...
Posted by alltogethernow on Jan 12, 2006
Again poe-news has sent us a wonderful gift.. a ripping review of this book.. before they found it to be completely rife with exaggerations and lies...

ALSO.. if you watch Oprah and want to read one of her book club's books.. READ SOME DAMN FAULKNER instead...

i am someone who has read the book...
Posted by krys on Jan 12, 2006
I read the book.
I read thesmokinggun
I watched Larry King.
I watched Oprah(in parts.. )

The book is about rehab, about drug and alcohol addiction. It isn't about the things that the smoking gun are arguing. (the cop-hitting incident, or the train accident, hell the argue he wasn't part of a cocaine investigation but they put the transcripts from his arrest on the website??)
Really if you READ THE BOOK you would know that it's fucking awesome, you would know that all the bullshit they are writing about has absolutely nothing to do with the plot.

They are arguing small parts of the book, a couple of pages. His drunken and stoned memories. He knows he changed parts, he changed identifying details, he played some things up and other things down.

And random house is NOT doing returns.. "Contrary to erroneous published reports, Random House is not offering a special refund on A Million Little Pieces. It has long been standard Random House Inc procedure to direct consumers who want a refund on any of the tens of thousands of books we publish back to their retail place of purchase, unless they purchased the book directly from us in which case we refund it. Yesterday we had 15 calls to our customer service line specific to A Million Little Pieces and fewer than that today."

Read the book trevor, read the book..
And i will read My friend Leonard, which he put a disclaimer at the beginning of.

i tried to call you, to argue in person. but this will have to do until a later date.

love, your sister. :>

ok krystle you got me
Posted by alltogethernow on Jan 12, 2006
Yes the random house thing is incorrect... they said that they would only give a refund if you bought it directly from the manufacturer...... etc..

And let me say that if you read those police reports they say he did NOT (as he says in the book) hit a cop with his car and get charged with crack possession and nearly incite a riot... what he actually did was slowly park the car in a no-parking zone.. a cop talked to him and said that he couldn't park there, but saw he was drunk.. so they charged him with DUI.. and open alcohol.. he got out on bail.. never faced a prison sentance.. etc...

The police report also says he was "polite and cooperative at all times"
unlike his assertion that he was a ball of FURY and attacked the cops only to get a serious billy-club beat-down...

This guy is not only lying but he is a HORRIBLE writer... please read the review I posted above and the other review he does of his other book "my friend leonord"...

you're my sister so I know you aren't stupid but really this book is the worst kind of trash... I don't particularly care that he made up large parts of his life but... jesus just look at his writing .. it is complete crap.. he just repeats things again and again.. I can't believe he decides to take the time to tell you what a HUG is.. :)

here is a great exerpt dealing with his crap writing..

"I see that I'm late and I see People look up and stare at me and I ignore them and I get a bowl of gray mushy oatmeal and I dump a large pile of sugar on it and I find a place at an empty table and I sit down."


"There is an island among the rot, a large, round Pile with monstrous protrusions like the arms of a Witch. There is chatter beneath the pile and a fat brown otter with a flat, armored tail climbs atop and he stares at me."

yes the Pile and Witch are his wonderful random capitalizations...
Now get me right on this one..

he is a drug addled badboy (Criminal - his capitalization not mine) that finds healing and redemption in treatment (which he isn't because he lied about all his 'badboy' drug convictions and and other convictions were just DUI and not much else)


he is a spoiled rich kid that is bad at writing and had a somewhat bad time during his 20's... also his insanely well connected father got him a book deal.. after he got out of the insanely expensive treatment centre mom and dad sent him too...

anyhow I have a deal for you..
READ THE WHOLE REPORT AND BOTH REVIEWS (don't start the other book.. sweet god don't buy it.. )

I think he's mistaken
Posted by Katie on Jan 13, 2006
"a fat brown otter with a flat, armored tail" ????????

It's called a beaver.

I'm not sure if he's supposed to be hallucinating or what as I haven't read the book but seriously. A fat brown otter?

Posted by alltogethernow on Jan 13, 2006

The author of the linked review says the following:

Now, can anyone tell me what a "fat otter with a flat, armored tail" actually is? That's right: a beaver! Now, can anyone guess what the "large, round Pile with monstrous protrusions like the arms of a Witch" would be? Yes indeed: a beaver dam!

Any kindergartner would know that, and anyone with a flicker of life would be delighted to see a beaver and its home. But for Frey, a very stupid and very vain man, the "fat otter" is nothing but another mirror in which to adore his Terrible Fate. He engages the beaver in the most dismal of adolescent rhetorical interrogations:

"Hey, Fat Otter.

He stares at me.

You want what I got?

He stares at me.

I'll give you everything.

Stares at me...."

And so on, for another half-page. You want to slap the sulking spoiled brat. The Fat Otter should've slapped him with its "flat, armored tail" and then chewed his leg off and used it to fortify its "Pile with monstrous protrusions."


And this is extra special...
James Frey is such a man he claims to have beaten a Parisian Priest TO DEATH for touching his balls....


On a completely unrelated subject...
Posted by kristian on Jan 13, 2006
One time Miguel, Ryan and Philipp were attacked by a giant beaver. Or was it an otter with a flat tail?

My message title.
Posted by Nerhael on Jan 13, 2006
"I see that I'm late and I see People look up and stare at me and I ignore them and I get a bowl of gray mushy oatmeal and I dump a large pile of sugar on it and I find a place at an empty table and I sit down."

....Holy god that's a lot of 'and's in there... Isn't that like one of them there run on sentences I used to get told about all the time?

okay okay okay.....
Posted by krys on Jan 13, 2006
the writing style is something to be desired, but when you READ the book it's good. It's different, it's his style. He isn't claiming to be a english teacher.
He uses little to no punctuation, capitalizes when he wants too, etc.. I like it.. it took me a bit to get into it. But i like it. And oh yes, run on sentences...

Trev.. i have read the reviews, the GOOD (which there are alot) and the bad. I understand the fact of the controversary.. He embellished parts of his book. I don't believe him to be some rich kid who's daddy got him a book deal.
I read this book out of my OWN interest, not because Oprah told me to(i didn't know it was one of her book club books until after i got the book...), i would love you to read it, but you are obviously going into with some prejudice, so is there even a point?

I believe in him, i believe that he went to rehab, and yeah in his twenties had a hard time. And he was probably a bad guy, he isn't claiming to be a HUGE criminal, he had DRUG and ALCOHOL problem.

anyways, i will still stand by this book, and yeah I will read the next..

Gunslingers, to me!
Posted by cosmicfish on Jan 13, 2006
Who has the last two Dark Tower books that they would like to lend to me? I promise to use a bookmark (if you are anal like Mr. Duffy).

I think someday, if I have a son, I will call him Roland.

Hey Krys!
Posted by Miguel on Jan 13, 2006

You know what? The bottom line is that if the book inspired you and made you feel good, then that is awesome! I dont believe in putting people down just because they truly enjoy something I dont.

That being said...James Frey is most definitely a rich brat with a father who helped him get a book deal. He also first tried to sell a million little pieces as fiction, and when he was soundly rejected he changed it into a "memoir".

And he also has claimed to be a HUGE FUCKING CRIMINAL WHO IS A BAD APPLE EVEN WORSE THAN MUM-RA AND MEGATRON COMBINED TIMES A TRILLION. He said something like that on oprah.

Not too long ago, time magazine's editors released a list of the top 100 english language novels of the 20th century. I urge everyone who drops by here to try out a couple of those books, whichever seem most appealing to you. They are an amazing legacy which should be appreciated by everyone, and it makes me sad that a fucking jabronie like James Frey is more relevant in our society than authors like Nabokov or Phillip K Dick or Updike or Saul.....

Oprah can kiss my ass.

Posted by krys on Jan 14, 2006
Wow Miguel you started out so nicely, thanks.

There is nothing backing up the theory of him being a rich brat, his dad had a good job, yes... but the rich brat theory.. Meh.

And really, I don't think I would care if it was fiction. It was a great book, with a great story.

And yeah, that's my opinion

I don't really have anything else to argue, because i am pretty sure i have made my point? And you have made yours.

I would tell you to read the book.. but i don't think there is much point now.

cosmicfish had a gramatical error...
Posted by corncobrob on Jan 25, 2006
You had written "if you are anal like Mr. Duffy"

The proper gramatical sentence would be "if you like anal like Mr. Duffy"

James Frey
Posted by phduffy on Jan 26, 2006
Was just on Oprah (it was on in the dining room at lunch), and she was ripping him left and right. The grilling never stopped.

He comes out and says that the altered everyone 'character' in the book, but that he thinks it's still a memoir, not a novel.