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Forum posts for Song Pick of the Week

my 90's hits
Posted by bryan on Jan 10, 2006
Songs I would've picked in the 90's

Propagandhi - Nation States
The Descendants - Everything Sucks
The Refused - summerholidays vs. punk routine
Operation Ivy - Sound System
Bad Religion - Do what you want

The following are highlights of the many rap compilation tapes i had as a 10 year old. A 10 year old rural gangsta who wore jogging pants that had the names of random sports written down the leg. WORD!

Tone Loc - Funky Cold Medina
Dee-lite - groove is in the heart (slide whistle!)
LL Cool J - Mama said knock you out.

Posted by kat* on Jan 11, 2006
good choice for song of the day.

um, off the top of my head i'd include:

thrush hermit - french inhale
lemonheads - rudderless
doughboys - shine or something off the first side of the tape (yes, cassette tape)
breeders - cannonball
blur - end of a century or parklife or something off that cd

but really, really, for sure, the thrush hermit song. and something by teenage fanclub. oh, and maybe 13 engines. and treble charger's red, the original version, not the one that they re-recorded that's got more heavy guitar. and underwhelmed, the version off of sloan's peppermint ep, I think. ok, and frente's cover of bizarre love triangle was fun. i think i could keep going forever... i may have missed the point on this whole thing though.
ha, funny, I actually have 2 of these cd's on my desk here at work right now.

Posted by James H> on Jan 12, 2006
I totally forgot about Thrush Hermit. The Day We Hit the Coast was always one of my favourites.

Speaking of rap, the first album I ever owned was Tougher than Leather by Run DMC. I was hardcore like that. Unfortunately my taste in music went all to hell after that (Bobby Brown, Kid N Play, MC Hammer.....).

Bobby Brown
Posted by Miguel on Jan 13, 2006
is amazing....