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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for December 20th, 2005

Fully concur
Posted by Katie on Dec 20, 2005
Trevor, great advice! I absolutely agree....anyone who is unwilling to taste something because of the ingredients, you are shutting yourself off to a world of unknown delights. And why won't you try it in the first place? Cause you "think" it won't taste good. And yet you've never tried it. So weird.

Miguel and I tried duck tongues a couple of weeks ago when dining with my colleague from China. Weird, but interesting. Did anyone know that they have bones?????

Posted by cosmicfish on Dec 20, 2005
so, is it easy to get vegitarian versions of things there? obviously not duck blood but... other things? or versions with just seafood?

umm... no
Posted by alltogethernow on Dec 20, 2005
in Korea i would think that you would have a damn hard time being a vegetarian...
Almost EVERYTHING has meat in it.. in some form or another..
By almost everything i mean almost all the KOREAN food has meat in it..
you can get other types of food.. but umm.. not really..

Italian restaurants exist.. even steak houses but they are RETARDED expensive.. and rare as hell...

I was in Korea for 2 weeks and only had one meal that wasn't considered Korean food...

SO ... In Conclusion

Food in Korea = (almost) Exclusively Korean Food = Meat

oh sorry
Posted by alltogethernow on Dec 20, 2005
didn't see that question...

versions with just seafood..
yes of course..
live octopus was just that.. a live octopus chopped up.. and moving.. YUM!

I swear to god i ate octopus in some form everyday while in Korea..
I kinda miss it now..