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Forum posts for skiing bitches

I'm in
Posted by fanoom on Dec 13, 2005
Count me in for a 2 lift tickets and 1 rental. And for those of you that want to go but do not have ski's, I have some equipment laying around. Boots sizes 12 10 and another pair that coule be either 11 or 9 (to know for sure I'd have to go to the basement and look). Also ski's 180's and 188's, these are the old school straight ski not the new school parabolic jobbies. If you want to borrow these they're free, just ask for them.

Love Brandon.

ps going skiing on thursday and sunday nights at blue mountain for the whole season if anyone is interested.

Posted by mike on Dec 14, 2005
I know maybe isn't a good answer, but I have to sit on the fence. I have an appointment on the 29th (the Thursday mentioned). I will see about getting it moved, but can't be sure right now.

For sure Thursday right? If I get an appointment on Wednesday and skiing turns to Wednesday, I will be at least moderately annoyed.

Posted by weberm1 on Dec 14, 2005
Does this include snowboarding as well? Cause i'd probably be in for that, but not the skiing.

Posted by jessie on Dec 14, 2005
snowboarding as well. i may do both, as snowboarding hurts my ass and i can't take the pain for a full day.

Posted by Numinous on Dec 14, 2005
I'm in for snowboarding....

Posted by weberm1 on Dec 14, 2005
i'm in for snowboarding.

fun fun! i'm not that good schaus, so i hope you can suck it up a little with me!

oh I can suck it up!
Posted by Numinous on Dec 14, 2005
first time skiing snapped a bone in my foot....
second time skiing.... frostbite on the ears
first time snowboarding.... broke a thumb.
second time snowboarding...... well lets just find out what damage I can do.

Posted by phduffy on Dec 14, 2005
Sign me up.
I'm going to want half an hour of lessons though, so anyone else who wants that, maybe we can split on it or join a group or something. I have no idea how that works.

Brandon, I might borrow your skis, but I dont' know anything about sizes or the like.

Horseshoe is near Orangeville?

Also, what time?
No biggie, but I'd like to be home by 8.

Posted by jessie on Dec 14, 2005
I have no problems being home by 8pm, seems reasonable. i think everyone will be pretty done after a full day of skiing.

i think we are going to need more drivers, as my van fits only 7, and the head count is currently at 8, so we should arrange this as well.....

Posted by fanoom on Dec 14, 2005
Size 8 ski boots and size 10. You want to be home by 8??!! I'll take a van for those of us who want to stay later...or leave later from Hanover....we'll see what we can do once Mike finds out when his appointment is.... I think there was something else I needed to say but I forget, there may be another ski ski ski, Oh yeah, I remember you getting frost bite on your ears. WEAR TOQUES!! I also may have an extra pair of ski goggles..... unsure where they are though

Posted by fanoom on Dec 14, 2005
Take your shoe size minus about a half size. We may have to adjust the ski's...although you being a beginner I might suggest that you rent a pair since these are kinda long for you... Longer=faster and harder to control
These would be good for an intermediate skiier

Posted by alltogethernow on Dec 14, 2005

If you want to do this for free the time we can ski/snowboard for is from 9 to 4 pm... after 4 pm it becomes "night skiing" and we would have to pay again...

I have free Lift Tickets for 16 and free rentals for 8...


I suggest we leave early as possible in the morning (whatever morning)
and head it on up to horseshoe..

Think more north of Barrie (just slightly so)...

I am not sure of the drive time.. so this would have to be factored in..
etc etc etc..

ALSO ... If you are a good skiier/snowboarder you will laugh your ass off at horseshoe if you have never been there before.. it is a joke to be sure..

IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER.. it is great.. even the more difficult runs are easy as super sweet super pie..

There is the important info peoples.. start making decisions..

i think..
Posted by krys on Dec 14, 2005
that i am including in brandon's tally..

Jessica are you giving me lessons? Or should i sign up with duffy?

i am so scared..

Schaus, i also had horribly experiences..


Posted by kat* on Dec 15, 2005
jess, I dig it, let's snowboard and then we can go hardcore skiing.
I'll let you know if I can get a ride to barrie, I'll be in toronto on that date I think though. snowboard in the am, ski in the afternoon. I'm happy to give "lessons" to those less ski-inclined than you and I... but eventually, we have to tear up the slopes in some serious ways, you know it (at horseshoe, as serious as we can get, which isn't very). and the moguls, too. I'm all about the moguls and the park, eh. I want to practice my jumps too. on skis.
:-) kat.

Posted by weberm1 on Dec 15, 2005
jess, can i possibly get a ride with you, as i want to go early and not stay later, as brandon mentioned. the eyes, not so good for snowboarding in the dark, and wearing the glasses ins't an option.

i'm SOOOO excited about doing this with all of you guys! should be damn good times!

Posted by alltogethernow on Dec 15, 2005
I can teach the potential snowboarders a thing or two.. the basics to be sure, a lesson won't be necessary from the pros...

and I am sure Jessica and Kat and Brandon can handle any potential skiiers...

Melissa, you can wear glasses and ski/snowboard I do it all the time..
just when you really wipe out you have to go retrieve them from the snow..
sometimes several meters away... :)

And really don't be scared of Horseshoe... its a goddamn joke..

I am taking 100 people there on Monday.. wish me luck

Posted by phduffy on Dec 15, 2005
Don't I rent those goggles?
So couldn't I wear those over my glasses?

Because I can't ski with my glasses off, and I can't wear these glasses while I ski without some kind of protection.

What else will I need?
Ski pants and gloves?

Posted by kat* on Dec 15, 2005
i have a spare set of snowpants, if someone is without. they've got a drawstring-buckle waistband, so they'll literally fit anyone... just let me (or jess) know!

umm.. dude
Posted by alltogethernow on Dec 15, 2005
You will need snowpants and gloves and a warm headgear (your choice)
Helmets are available to rent (5 bucks extra) if you are afeared of whacking your noggin... To my knowledge goggles cannot be rented...

BUT your first time out i am highly doubtful you will be needing goggles.. usually they come in handy when you are HAULIN ASS down the hill and kicking up a shit-storm of frosty snow and ice into your fuckin face..

BUT this is your first time out... so you will probably be proceeding at slow speeds down a SLIGHT incline.... which will NOT kick up huge amount of ice and snow to blur and block your vision.. :)

I have been snowboarding for a little while now and have not found a need for goggles yet.. sometimes my glasses get knocked the fuck off (as i have mentioned earlier) but that is only on the bigger hills.. and when i need to turn left in a hurry.. Toe side is easy.. Heel side is still my trouble spot...

Besides this is HORSESHOE VALLEY.. it's a joke.. i doubt on the hardest runs you would really find a need for goggles..


Posted by phduffy on Dec 15, 2005
My glasses cost 600 bucks.
They're the only pair I have.
I need some protection for the multiple times I'm going to fall.

yeah, i know.
Posted by weberm1 on Dec 15, 2005
Trev, i know you reported that the passes you have are only until 4, which is fine by me! that way i won't even need the glasses, so it's better that way. though i haven't had a HUGE wip out before on the hill, it's possible.

and horseshoe is a damn joke, i think that's where i went the first time.

duffy, don't worry so much, i'm sure you'll do fine. though i have never done the skiing thing, learning to snowboard was OK. i found i sucked it up HUGE on the little hills where they train you, and had more control with more speed.

not that i'm one to offer any level of advice, as i'm not that great. but that's my two cents.

Posted by alltogethernow on Dec 15, 2005
your glasses cost $600 bucks?.. what the hell

... are they jewel-encrusted?
... do they allow you to see the infra-red spectrum?
... do they allow you to observe the demons and aliens that walk amoungst us
pretending to be regular humans like you and me?.. and then you have to execute them but people all think you are a murderer (because you are .. kinda) but you can' explain that you are killing demons and aliens because no one will believe you?

600 for glasses.. sweet shit

my last pair of glasses only cost me $225 dollars and that was with designer (Calvin Klein) frames... really what the hell?

no worries
Posted by jessie on Dec 15, 2005
duffy, you can borrow my goggles.....i am sure i have extras

Posted by kat* on Dec 15, 2005
um, if there are any passes left, bryan was interested in snowboarding (or skiing?), and so is ursula... :-)

I'm in.
Posted by mike on Dec 16, 2005
I am now free any time during the week of the 26th for skiiing/snowboarding purposes. Sign me up. The 29th is the date right?

I am also thinking about snowboarding. Going skiing this weekend, if I remember how do that real good I might try snowboarding.

First time out
Posted by fanoom on Dec 16, 2005
Okay, I went skiing last night at it was friggen great, the conditions were decent considering they have only been open for a week. Now the big discussion is goggles. EYE protection is damn near a must, a pair of sunglasses will suffice if it isn't horribly overcast. Even at low speeds snow in the eyes will impair your sight so much that you will eventually get air and wipe out huge as my cousin Matt (I don't need goggles) found out after going up the chair lift. Because it is early season they will most likely be making snow too. Those little ice crystals fucking hurt. As stated previously I have an extra pair, they aren't in the greatest shape but they may help out someone. I can also probably put my hands on another. Also like Trevor stated previously face protection helps out huge. Again, my cousins decided it was a better idea to have their faces exposed then to cover up. You will get cold, you will get miserable and you will get horrible wind burn. Plus you don't want to have a cold for new years and feel liek shit right? So use what I see as common sense and bundle the fuck up despite it being ONLY -5 out, remember there is windchill, plus the speed in which you are traveling.

In conclusion, this is going to be fucking fun. But please be smart and wear a little more then a pair of jeans and your windbreaker.

Hahahaha, there is a difference between looking cool and being cold. Just ask frost bite boy.

Posted by fanoom on Dec 16, 2005
Shit I forgot to address what you were saying about snowboarding, you're probably going to want to ski again. I found out last night just how rusty I am. Plus snowboarders have to be the slowest fucking people on the hill. And stupid too. Having to dodge groups of them, and being cut off by them all night made me want to grab cross country ski poles and start staking them when they get too close. In conclusion, SNOWBOARDERS ARE SCUM!!! That's right, you're scum.

Posted by phduffy on Dec 16, 2005
Face protection as in what?

I was planning on wearing an ACDelco tuque, winter coat with a hood on it, and I'll buy some gloves and snow pants.
Do I need something better for my face?

Posted by mike on Dec 16, 2005
I can drive if need be, but I don't really have room for equipment other than the trunk... ski's are big. It kinda sound like transport might be taken care of though.

Also, Duffy: wear a crash helmet. Not because you'll actaully need it, but because I want to see you wear it. I have a great looking old sparkly gold open face snowmobile helmet at home form the 70's. That should do it.

Skiing this weekend is a fantastic idea. That way when most people are crippling around on New Years I will not be as bad, unless I school myself... which is also a possibility. This will be great.

more more
Posted by mike on Dec 16, 2005
If you are anything like me, whatever coat and equipment you wear skiing will be wet for about 24hrs afterwards. Might want to plan for that if you plan to wear an everyday coat or something.

I might wear my classy (read crappy) snowmobile outfit... it's great... and not cool in any sense. Black with red stripes... actually maybe I will wear the gold helmet.

face protection
Posted by fanoom on Dec 16, 2005
You know, like a a scarf or ski mask to cover your face from the cold.... Basically bundle the fuck up. with wind chill -5 can feel like -20 pretty fucking fast. So unless you want frost bite on your face, cover it the fuck up.

This thread is fucking huge

ski ski ski ski ski ski all I want to do is ski ski ski ski ski ski
ski ski ski ski ski ski all I want to do is see Duffy fall ski ski
ski ski ski Trevor will rule himself, Pete will hurt himself ski ski ski
ski ski ski and I'll break my arm ski ski ski

Ever hit a Tree? I've hit two, on the same run..... as in I hit a tree, and two minutes later I hit another. Got up and skied the rest of the day. So stay away from big jumps near trees. ski ski ski ski ski ski

can i come too?
Posted by noodle on Dec 19, 2005
is it too late to get hooked up on this?

i have to work at 4pm but that leaves me open during the day

i prefer snow blades skates for the snow

Brandon i may need to borrow boots from you if they're still up for grabs

Posted by fanoom on Dec 21, 2005
Call in drunk.

Boots, I have some of those, what size are you looking for? Cause currently my Cuz is using my 12's. Can always get them from him for a day or whatever. He too uses snowblades, man those things look simple to use. Hurt my shoulder on sunday skiing, but it's better now. It's amazing how you can hurt yourself by landing a jump. Man getting older sucks.

Posted by noodle on Dec 21, 2005
i seem to remember a previous story about someone flipping over their poles, bending them to shit and horribly ruling themselves...ring any bells Mr. Allen? that was you was it not?

well if the other pair you have is 11s i imagine they'll work...since you said they do fit smaller right?

Posted by Nerhael on Dec 24, 2005
I don't think I'll be able to make it guys. I'll see you guys in Hanover.