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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for December 12th 2005!

Posted by mike on Dec 12, 2005
Let me explain something to you:

If I am inside eating with my hat on it is because I have made a judgement call for your benefit. The judgement I have made is that you will be less offended by the fact that I am eating with my hat on than you will be by having to see the condition of my coiffeur.

Therefore you get to thank me, not bitch at me.

Posted by phduffy on Dec 12, 2005
Fuck you you hat wearing asshat*.

Take the goddamned hat off inside.

And don't even think about sitting at my table with a hat.

Now, luckily I don't have a table, and by my saying this, I suspect that everyone who knows me will wear a hat if they're inside around me.

However, remember that this isn't advice for dealing me with, this is advice for the general world. And it's solid advice (and I've had people comment to me about people wearing hats insidea. People who aren't related to me or anything like that.)

*Mike, this is said for comedy. I wanted to work in the word asshat somehow. You know I have nothing but good things to say about you.

Posted by weberm1 on Dec 12, 2005
A hat i can be ok with, depending on the occasion. god knows i have sported a hat if my hair looks like ass and i don't feel like fixing it. obviously if it's some kind of nice place or something, just take the hat off.

however, i have a HUGE problem with people that wear sunglasses inside. unless you are corey hart, take the fucking things off. seriously, you look like an idiot. especially when in a dark bar. i just don't get it.