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Forum posts for Top 5 Comedy Shows (that are still being produced on television)

Posted by bryan on Dec 02, 2005
You are wrong.

1. Home Movies
2. Futurama
3. Everybody Loves Raymond

Posted by phduffy on Dec 02, 2005
Wooh, Bryan's becoming a rageoholic!~

Mike and I discussed this last night.

I'll go with:

1: Arrested Development
2: The Offic3e
3: Curb your Enthusiasm
4: South Park
5: The Daily Show

Posted by cosmicfish on Dec 02, 2005
I will second that Arrested Development.

How are you guys liking the Colbert Report?

wtf bry??
Posted by jessie on Dec 02, 2005
are you my mom??? you are joking when you say you enjoy everybody loves raymond, right??!!!

okie, so i basically agree with everyone:

1. Daily Show
2. Fox News Sunday
3. Family Guy
4. Arrested Development
5. Futurama tied with South Park and Seinfeld

i totally know i am breaking the rules, of the show having new episodes coming out, but screw you guys!

Everyone is so totally wrong it makes me
Posted by Miguel on Dec 02, 2005
Corner gas? Rick Mercer? The Simpsons is a sad shadow of what it used to be....

1. Arrested Development
2. Daily Show
3. Everyone Hates Chris
4. The Office
5. Colbert Report

Bonus #6
Posted by Miguel on Dec 02, 2005
6) The Surreal Life with Jose that's comedy!!!

Posted by bryan on Dec 02, 2005
Everybody loves raymond makes me want to cry it is so bad.

The 3 shows I listed are all re-runs. I was hoping Everybody Loves Raymond would be a dead giveaway that I was joking.

Posted by kristian on Dec 02, 2005
1) Family Guy
2) Still Standing
3) The War At Home
4) Everybody Hates Chris
5) Simpsons

I love Still Standing, the sitcom where the fat dad and hot mom act like irresponsible children and the kids hate them for it. Awesome.

And the War At Home is the new sitcom after the Simpsons on Sundays, I love it, one of the few funny things on TV.

It is a sad day when the Simpsons are #5, but I have to be honest.

And I say DOWN WITH REALITY TV, I want more old fashioned sitcoms. Except you are right Miguel, Surreal Life is awesome. But Strange Love...that's just one step too far.

Posted by jessie on Dec 02, 2005
that's the problem with the internet...sometimes sarcasm just doesn't translate....whew! though, you had me worried

Posted by Numinous on Dec 02, 2005
war at home.... thats a joke right... no one can actually like that show....
I cry every week that show stays on the air....

no joke.... real tears.

Posted by bryan on Dec 02, 2005
Join my one man war to bring sarcasm to the internet.

Posted by weberm1 on Dec 02, 2005
Schaus, the war at home is AWESOME. i laugh my ass off watching it every week, thank you very much.

Posted by bryan on Dec 02, 2005
Schauss is right. War at Home is awful. Just so you all know, I'm saying this with a very angry scowl on my face.


Posted by bryan on Dec 02, 2005
Schauss is right. War at Home is awful. Just so you all know, I'm saying this with a very angry scowl on my face.


Posted by MDuffy on Dec 02, 2005
Im going to have to go with Paul on this one, except I think the office is old and not on tv (british one is better) so I minor adjustment.

1: Arrested Development
2: Entourage
3: Curb your Enthusiasm
4: South Park
5: Weeds

Dot Dot Dot Dot
Posted by mike on Dec 02, 2005
Dry those eyes, and wipe the scowl off your face:

War at Home is my #1 non-animated sitcom that is based on a family situation.

I don't know that I have ever watched an episode in its entirety, but I would like to. I would also like to see Everybody Hates Chris... I have a feeling it would wreak havoc with my posted top 5.

Also... has nobody watched My Name is Earl!? That shit is funny! The comedy works in circles too which I find fantatic because it's more complex and therefore harder to write (I assume).

The War At Home
Posted by phduffy on Dec 02, 2005
cannot possibly be better than the Bernie Mac show.

The Bernie Mac show is the perfect replacement level show.

You don't go out of your way to watch it, but if it's on, you'll see it and it's funny.

You shouldn't watch any shows worse than the Bernie Mac show.

WAH vs. BM
Posted by kristian on Dec 02, 2005
I would say that War At Home is as good if not better than Bernie Mac. I did not realize that introducing War At Home to this forum would be so controversial. I think it's damned good. This is how I measure if a show is funny...if I actually make a laughing sound more than once per episode. See, Bernie Mac is funny, but I wouldn't say I actually LOL as it were, every episode. But I definitely laugh out loud with War at Home. That shit is funny.

The funniest thing I have seen on TV lately was in the Family Guy, the episode when Peter and Stewie are bonding by playing pranks on Lois. Anyway, Peter is upset because him and Stewie have a tiff, so Brian offers to cheer him up by dressing in a banana suit and singing a song about peanut butter and jelly while shaking maracas. That was so funny I laughed all the way through the commercial break.

So now those of you who don't know me (or even if you do) can judge my sense of humour further.

But what about...
Posted by Ophelia on Dec 06, 2005
the King of Queens
I have just recently started watching this show, and it is frickin hilarious!...Me loves it

Posted by phduffy on Dec 14, 2005
ABC and Showtime Pursuing Arrested?

Source: Variety

December 14, 2005

Fox still hasn't officially canceled Arrested Development, but if it does, other networks are interested in the show, reports Variety.

Both ABC and Showtime have had conversations with 20th Century Fox TV and indicated they're open to making a deal for new episodes of the critically beloved, Emmy-winning comedy from creator Mitch Hurwitz. No formal negotiations have taken place, and there are still numerous hurdles that might prevent such a move -- including the show's hefty pricetag.

Showtime is said to be in particularly hot pursuit of the ratings-challenged comedy, now on life support at Fox. Series' third-season order was recently cut to 13 episodes.

The trade says that Fox has already deficited millions in order to produce the show, which costs about $1.6 million per half-hour to produce. It's believed Fox deficits about $400,000 per episode.