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Forum posts for What is so great about "The Office"?

Posted by phduffy on Dec 01, 2005
I didn't see last night's episode (I thought it was usually on Tuesdays), but I think that the Office is the second best comedy on television, after AD. The episode you're describing sounds like it was a direct lift from the British version, which means it was probably one of the earlier episodes. I think that the second season is better, as they've gone away from the British show a bit, and they've made some of the characters more sympathetic and interesting.

Alot of the comedy comes from akwardness, and some people don't like that. In a typical sitcom, someone will make some lame stupid joke, and everyone laughs. In the Office, Michael or Dwight will make a lame stupid joke, and everyone stands around going "WTF?????", and I love it.

The show mostly centers around the weird boss, Michael, being weird. There's also some good stuff about Jim being into Pam, and Dwight being sort of a kiss up (assistant regional manager... ah, that's assistan TO the regional manager).

I was listening to the commentary on the British one (which I own), and the creators were saying that while Michael's a little over the top, there are people like him, and like the rest of the characters, in every office. And I think that's kind of true. That might not appeal to you though.

Posted by Miguel on Dec 01, 2005
It's a parody, so it is supposed to reflect a real office environment but extremely exagerated. I would hope no one would ever work with a manager like Steve Carell or that gareth guy (the suck up dude....I forget his name). But I'm sure if you watch the show enough you will encounter situations and characters that will remind you of actual people and events.

Now Duffy could probably tell you better as he has watched all of the British Office, but to me, the British version is a little more subtle and low key while the American version is a bit more over the top, especially with Steve Carells manager versus the british guys name.

I actually like the American version better, undoubtedly because I am a huge Steve Carrel fan, and I think some of the situations in it are just so over the top you can't help but laugh.

That being said, I think that it's the kind of show where the enjoyment is increased once you know the characters and their habits. If I were you, I would watch 2 shows in their entirety, if you can't get into it after that, then it's just not for you.

Posted by bryan on Dec 01, 2005
The British version is much more subtle, and much more hilarious. The guy who plays the boss on the british version is the quintessential "awful" boss. Watch one of the early 2nd season episodes where he is welcoming new staff in from another office, trying to show what a "laugh" he is. PURE COMEDY GOLD!

Posted by bryan on Dec 01, 2005
being at work makes me use "quotes" alot. I should really learn to "stop" writing like such a "prick".

Miguel and Bryan
Posted by phduffy on Dec 01, 2005
I likes yah.
Don't get me wrong.

But what, exactly, is subtle about David Brent in the British version of the Office? He might be the most over the top character in the history of television.

Posted by bryan on Dec 01, 2005

come work in my office for the day.

Posted by Miguel on Dec 01, 2005
It's not that David Brent is a subtle character, obviously there's nothing subtle in him at all, as his over-the-topness is part of his comedic genious.

But compared to Steve Carrel's take on that character, Mr. Brent might as well be Laurence Olivier in Hamlet.

Posted by bryan on Dec 01, 2005
Subtlety is relative. The realism comes in the painful looks given by Tim, Dawn, and the other characters we are supposed to identify with... the over the topness of Brent, Gareth and Finchy brought down by Tim giving a look that just says "YOU FUCKING IDIOT! HOW DID YOU GET IN THIS POSITION?!"

And that my friends, is what makes the office awesome.

Also, 12-3 pm lunches at pubs RULE!

Posted by phduffy on Dec 01, 2005
I agree with you Bryan, I love the subtle looks that go on between Tim and Dawn. I just don't think that the overall show is all that subtle.

Also, why am I working in your office for a day? Do you have an over the top boss?

And Miguel, I have never seen a character as outrageous as David Brent. IMHO, Carrell hasn't even entered his stratosphere. And I think they're doing that on purpose, as they've definitely toned him down this year compared to last year and compared to the British version.

Posted by bryan on Dec 01, 2005
You should work in my office to see the dissonance created between an over the top personality clashing with someone who just doesn't give a shit. This same dissonance is what the british version of the office captures. I can identify with it. If you can't, then that's obviously a flaw in your character.

I admittedly haven't watched too much of the american version. I like Carrell, but I find him to be too much of a cartoon character on the 2 episodes I've seen. Maybe they have toned it down since I watched.

Ok then
Posted by Miguel on Dec 01, 2005

We will agree to disagree, I think Steve Carrell is way more over the top and crazy than his British counterpart.

Different strokes for different folks, thats why M&M's come in different colours.

Come to think of it Different Strokes for different folks is kind of the motto of this damn site, there is so much arguing (constructive) and discussion over everything.

Posted by bryan on Dec 01, 2005
Shut up. Seriously, just stop talking.

Posted by mike on Dec 01, 2005
I couldn't remeber the name of the show where Rick Mercer was a TV executive in an office. Duffy was kind enough to remember that is was Made in Canada. Damn that show was great.

Anyway. The boss in tMadie in Canada was ridiclulously more better (yes that is correct englishing) as an underserving, moronic, and ineffective boss that the boss on The Office that I saw. I don't know what the hell you guys are actually arguing about, but whoever played the boss in Made in Canada was better over the top and crazy. His dissonance, whatever that is, was much better too.

Was Made in Canada out before the British Office?

Posted by Miguel on Dec 01, 2005
So according to wikipedia, the greatest fucking website in cyberspace, made in canada aired in 1998 and the office aired in 2001.

So made in canada smokes the office!

Never did see that show.