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Forum posts for What Happens...

Duffy kids
Posted by Mona on Nov 25, 2005
Try Matthew Duffy - another singer from New York (I think)

googling Duffy
Posted by Mona on Nov 25, 2005
This Duffy guy is totally gay ...
not that it matters.

(I guess, unless your name is Matthew Duffy) ... but the Canadian
one looks pretty happy with shirtless Randy. Who knows? ;-)

Google me this
Posted by phduffy on Nov 28, 2005
Mona Duffy

Kristian Rogers

Tom Zammit

Trevor Marshall

Alex Fischer

Aaron Wright

Beth Shaw

Bryan Poetz

Chris Wright

Carrie Anderson

Laura Fischer

Seth Blender

Brandon Allan
Brandon Allen

Sean McAuley

James Hutchinson

Jessie Baran

Joyce King

Katrina Baran

Katie Anderson

Krystle Allen

Miguel Pacheco,,718384,00.html

Mike Mighton

Pete Wright

Nathan Lantz

Nicholas Szyngiel
Woo HoO! A possible real hit!

Aaron Schaus

Ryan Palmer

Gordon Polfuss

Iain Clark

Karlene Stokes

Sarah Jagelewski

Sarah Macauley

Vivian Hui

Melissa Weber

Johnny Fever

Bill Marshall

Disapointed you're not on the list?
Well, it's people who were on in 2005. And had a first and last name. Sorry Vitali P. And I debated Johnny Fever, but figured, what the hell.

Posted by Miguel on Nov 29, 2005
The best one, by far, is Trevor Marshall. That is one crazy old man!

Posted by bryan on Nov 29, 2005
William Marshall is like 8,000 times cooler. He was a knight! Undefeated in tournaments! Went down to the Middle East and kicked some heathen ass!