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Forum posts for Chuck Norris

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 23, 2005
Okay, maybe it's just me, but that had me laughing pretty good.

One word
Posted by kristian on Nov 23, 2005

Posted by Miguel on Nov 23, 2005
is exactly why the internet was created. Not for any nonsense like allowing hospitals and researchers to exchange information and ideas more, it's for posting insanely awesome shit like this.

Posted by Miguel on Nov 23, 2005
Now that I think about it, is this website conected to that Vin Diesel fact one? Because I think some of those jokes are the same.

Posted by bryan on Nov 23, 2005
it is quite connected to the Vin Diesel one.

It all started as a forum thread on something awful, i believe.

The chuck norris ones are better, because chuck norris is a more ridiculous person than vin diesel. By a hair.

They also have a Mr T. fact generator, but it is complete garbage. And this comes from a man who once tried to read T's biography.

This URL will get you to all of them.

Posted by cosmicfish on Nov 23, 2005
was once my favorite movie, but only because Jonathan Brandis was in it, and now he is dead.

Posted by weberm1 on Nov 24, 2005
Laura, i LOVED jonathan brandis and didn't know he was dead.

my day is completely shot now. i just want to go home and watch Seaquest DSV reruns.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 24, 2005
I remember when I first came across the Vin Diesel one.

It was hilarious.

But I'm looking at the top 30... and they're only okay. I think some of the random ones are better (of course, some of them suck)

Posted by jessie on Nov 24, 2005
i was also unaware that jonathan brandis was dead......tear***

Posted by bryan on Nov 24, 2005
Zefangus dedicates songs to the memory of Jonathan Brandis or Dale Earnhardt, for completely different reasons.

Posted by cosmicfish on Nov 24, 2005

I'd be down for a Jon-athon... some Sidekicks, Ladybugs, The Neverending Story II and some Seaquest. Oh yes.