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Forum posts for Restaurant Review

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 22, 2005
I know they have a location in Oakville as well, though I haven't gone there yet.

Posted by MDuffy on Nov 23, 2005
I walk by the Guelph location regularly and I do not think it is going to last more than 2 years. The place seats about 200 and with turnover your looking at about 350 patrons in one night! Everytime I walk by the place though there isn't more than 20-30 people inside. Even after a Guelph storm game (they play in the same complex as RN) the place was empty.
ALthough I do enjoy the girls that work there. I know two servers and a bartender so everytime I go in I get good deals and free stuff. I think that happens pretty much everywhere I go in this town though.

Posted by Miguel on Nov 23, 2005

I have eaten at the Rude Native exactly 3 times in my life.

Once in Hamilton a long time ago, and it was good, and twice in Waterloo. I can safely say that the waterloo location was the worst restaurant I have ever eaten in (well...tied with the Texas Grill). I had a goat roti there once, and the potatoes were completely raw.

Im happy that they have gotten better though!

Posted by phduffy on Nov 23, 2005
Yeah, I remember you saying that the Hamilton one was really good, while the Waterloo one was not.

They've moved though, so I wonder if it's new management or something

Posted by corncobrob on Jan 19, 2006
Miguel, how DARE you insult the Texas BBQ Grill!!!!!!!!

Think of all the great times and meals we've shared there - Caesars for breakfast, a wonderful salad (aka iceburg lettuce and 1 piece of green pepper)...

I just can't believe you could possibly have a bad word to say about Waterloo's finest establishment...

Bad News
Posted by phduffy on Jan 20, 2006
The Texas Grill is no longer around, it's now Lucy's Seafood place.