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Forum posts for Song Pick of the Week

Posted by Katie on Nov 22, 2005
Can you explain "emo" music?

I feel lost.

Posted by weberm1 on Nov 22, 2005
Katie, i'm not sure what the exact definition of emo is, but it's emotional music. the first band i always think of when i hear this term is dashboard confessional, stuff like that.

Posted by kristian on Nov 22, 2005
screamo is like emo with more screaming.

so clever.

Nice review
Posted by Nerhael on Nov 22, 2005
That was a nice review James, you should submit something like it, Sans links maybe, to Eye or Now for their short reviews.

I thought it was great.

Much appreciated
Posted by James H> on Nov 22, 2005
Thanks Pete. I remember seeing an ad in one of those magazines calling for reviews a while back. Hmm..... its something I'll consider.

Also, I came across an e-card containing a couple of the tracks from the Switcheroo Series. I thought I'd add the link, along with two other links to Moneen songs I found, for anyone that's interested.