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Forum posts for Adventures in Marketing

also ...
Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 09, 2005
Tomorrow i will get my camera out for some more picture taking before i leave the city... I will set up a dot-photo or ftp the pics to Petey-boy...

maybe he can post them here somewhere..
???? PETE????

I heart trevor
Posted by Miguel on Nov 09, 2005

More of this from you please. Doin it real big in the Van-City.

And congrats on your soon to be (hopeful) promotion!

And remember, while on your Asian Sex Tour .tm.................ALWAYS CHECK THE GOODS!

As a good man named Vessey said (in a troll like voice) "you never ever know"

Posted by krys on Nov 09, 2005
Beer in a bar? How can you get more convenient?

I love this post trev.. I want more.. and often.
Also provides the information that you haven't gotten yourself put into an Korean jail..

Good work.

Posted by crux on Nov 12, 2005
You forgot to return Azumi 2. It's been sitting on the bookshelf for god only knows how long. I'll try to remember to return it tomorrow. How's the future looking? Futuristic I hope. Ok, back to beer and smoking.