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Forum posts for Monday Morning Songs

Posted by Numinous on Nov 07, 2005
when the levee breaks - zeppelin

Posted by mike on Nov 07, 2005
I prefer to rely on my own internal motivation to get me to work. I also seem to have less of an afinity for music than some others do.

However, if you really want to get shit done in a short amount of time try Atari Teenage Riot. I don't know much about it (consult James) but the song No Remorse isn't riddled with profanities so I sometimes play it at work.

Atari Teenage Riot
Posted by bryan on Nov 11, 2005
Working with Atari Teenage Riot as a soundtrack is a pretty clear violation of most workplace safety rules. (Consult chapter 4a, paragraph 7 if you don't believe me.)

Posted by mike on Nov 11, 2005
My Employee Health and Safety manual is current as of October 5, 2005. Not only does it not contain Capter 4a, and therefore no paragraph 7... I found the following:

Section D, Part 5: Confined Spaces, Trenches, Pits, Open Tanks

Do not work in any tank, bin, vat, chamber, pit, pipe, flue or other confined space where there is a potential of being overcome by fumes until the area has been checked thoroughly by a competent person and authorization has been obtained. (Refer to Section K)

I checked with the new bumper operator... think his name is Frank, and he said it was OK. So game, set, and match... I get to do whatever the hell I want.

Side Note: Upon further inspection there is no "Section K".

no section K?
Posted by bryan on Nov 11, 2005
How will you obtain authorization??