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Forum posts for I AM CALLING YOU OUT

dig it
Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 02, 2005
I am intending to write a blog/account of my time in Korea. Internet access shouldn't be a problem, but time MAY be. Anyhow look forward to reading about my amazing/retarded business trip. It will be good for a laugh or two as I am paraded about as "the token Whitey" as my boss puts it.

I am leaving on Monday, so expect something soon along these lines.

Posted by weberm1 on Nov 02, 2005
How long are you gone for Trev?

Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 02, 2005

I am going on a marketing/promo tour thingy for our school's 10th anniversary.
I will be leaving MONDAY NOV 7th going to Vancouver for 4 days of "training"

Training for what i have no idea...

Then on the 11th of November I am out to Korea.. 5 cities.. all over the damn country.. On the 23rd of November it is off to Taiwan for ONE DAY..

fly in make a speech, fly out.. good times..

Then i am supposed to go home on the 25th, but I am staying 2 extra days to visit some former students and just hang the fuck out.

GOOD TIMES AWAIT.. and lots of korean.. DAMN THAT LANGUAGE IS HARD TO LEARN IN 5 DAYS.. surprise surprise.. :)

too answer your question
Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 02, 2005
the 27th of November. i believe.. barring any horrible run-ins with the authorities

more people being called out
Posted by phduffy on Nov 02, 2005
webwerm1 - I want something on living in Toronto, or life, or music or a movie review.

bryan - video game review, music, restaurant review

chris - talk about used cars. Help people who are thinking about this figure stuff out.

cosmicfish - rant at the world or governments or something

jessie - book or movie review

kat - educate me on something

katie - talk about careers or a good book or your upcoming vacation

mduffy - review a restaurant. Rip it apart if you want. Or a concert review.

mona - movie review

ophelia - don't pretend I don't know you're reading this! Talk about how things have changed with a baby or something

rockfaerie - explain your name

Some of you are off the hook because you've recently posted (mostly just kristian and jimmiurine), and some of you haven't been on for a while. You should still post osmething though.

Posted by cosmicfish on Nov 03, 2005
i'll post when i'm well again. look out ottawa! i have the baby flu!

Posted by phduffy on Nov 03, 2005
look out ottawa! i have the baby flu!

Uhh, what?

Posted by cosmicfish on Nov 04, 2005
i'm in ottawa and i caught the flu from a baby, and now i'm going to spread it around.

Posted by phduffy on May 17, 2006
Let's roll.