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Forum posts for Song Pick of the Week

Posted by phduffy on Oct 31, 2005
Where does DFA1979's name come from?

I've always thought it was a dumb name and kind of avoided them cause of it.

Posted by kat* on Oct 31, 2005
I don't know where the Death from Above part comes from, but the 1979 was tacked on because some New York bar band also named Death From Above filed suit over the name a couple of years ago.

Posted by phduffy on Oct 31, 2005
Kat. I'm not sure if I like DFA 1979 better than DFAX, but I'll take it.

Anyways, James, I wanted to add that I think this is an excellent idea, and I hope you do it every week.

Posted by Miguel on Oct 31, 2005

Death from Above tacked on the 1979 not due to a bar band, but because of a hipster record company called DFA (death from above records) who approached them with threats of litigation if they didn't immediately changed their names.

DFA added the 1979 and then posted this eloquent little ditty on their website:

"FUCK DFA RECORDS FUCK JAMES MURPHY WE DECLARE JIHAD ON THEM HOLY WAR ENDING IN THIER DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT... james murphy (dfa records head) is a selfish piece of fuck that will burn in the flames of a specially dedicated rock and roll jihad. if i had the resources i would fly a plane into his skull."

And james, I love this idea. I will post something soon too!

Too Much Love
Posted by James H> on Nov 01, 2005
Its safe to say we'll never see LCD Soundsystem and DFA1979 on the same bill (unless its for an episode of Celebrity Deathmatch or something).

I was going to recommend to anyone wanting to upload a song, but the site seems to be having some issues at the moment. I will upload the DFA tunes elsewhere if they don't get themselves sorted out soon.

Posted by bryan on Nov 03, 2005

My song of the week is Get up/Say what? by pixeltan. for late night drives, or butt shakin'. Whichever you prefer.

Posted by bryan on Nov 03, 2005
if you dig DFA 1979, but think they could use less singing and more hardcore insanity, listen to crown of storms by lightning bolt.

Lightning Bolt is a drummer and a bass player who uses effects to get tones out of his bass that make me cry.