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Forum posts for Review of some movies I rented

Posted by phduffy on Feb 27, 2006
Here's a nice piece that sums up my feelings on it nicely:

Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 27, 2006

So they just bludgeon you with it?
Some people ARE that racist though...

Although I can't say I have ever heard anyone say anything OUTRIGHT racist in my life. That is to say that I have heard many racist statements, but most were jokes, and the others were pretty subtle. Well if you exclude the following:

- Insane black man screaming how he will kill all white people on the subway
- Insane white guy in Hanover telling me that it my duty to get rid of the blacks and other minorities. I am not sure if he meant me personally??.. If that is the case I have been heavily negecting my duties...
- Old People. Old people don't count for me, people who are 70 + are many times quite racist, and not usually in a mean-spirited way. They just overall treat and talk about different races differently, using racist assumptions etc..

Here is something...
Why does everyone forget about the Asians....?
They are just as much immigrants, foreigners etc.. but no one really seems to get too crazy about them being here...

Cept for some ... ie:
Betty Granger and her "asian invasion" sentiments.....

Haven't seen the movie yet I would like to see it, but not if the scenes are so contrived.

Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 06, 2006
Another review... was it like this paul?

Watching Crash all the way through felt like...

... having two chimps sitting next to you, each holding a shovel, one with the word "Racism" on it and the other "Irony", both words written in freshly defecated monkey feces, taking turns bashing you over the head.


You know....
Posted by Miguel on Mar 06, 2006
I didn't mind it so much, it was a little schmaltzy at times, but overall there was some great acting and the writing was damn decent. I would rate it a 7.5 or even an 8. Ludacris was pretty damn good in it.

I haven't seen many of the other nominated movies, so I dont know how they stack up.

But perhaps most importantly, ahem.........IN YOUR FACE ALLTOGETHER NOW!!!


It just got a little easier out there for a pimp. Seeing DJ Paul and Juicy J up there with their Oscars was easily one of the best TV moments ever.....ever.

ok ok...
Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 06, 2006
Three Six Mafia winning an Oscar is worth the shittiness of the movie as a whole. But REALLY, Hustle and Flow is the biggest piece of dog shit.

"Hustle and Flow" is to Hip Hop what "Hackers" is to 1337 fucking hacking...

They took somthing with reasonable popularity and used industry lingo (yeah even pimping has its terminology), a contrived, simple plot, and some fresh-faced young actors. The acting overall wasn't bad, but best actor for the lead... fuck no!

The characters in that movie are so thin that they exist in a different dimension. The creative scenes where they are making the musics ("laying down tracks", "finding a hook") aren't cool they're embarassing...

At the time of it's realease anyone with a passing familiarity with computers shuddered to see the hackers in "Hackers" hacking. It's the same here. There are individuals currently 'hustling and flowing' in their momma's basement that look at this movie and weep silently. They weep with mirth, not sadness at the fact that dumb white dudes are going to eat this shit up and ask for more.

"That shit's for real CUZ. Check the way they get that knocked up Ho to put down that hook... bitch is the shizzle for rizzle my nizzle.. WHOOP THAT TRICK!"

Oh Snap!
Posted by phduffy on Mar 06, 2006
I can't wait for Miguel's response to that.

Ok ok ok
Posted by Miguel on Mar 06, 2006
I've learned my lesson with Lost in Translation about movie arguments. So I'm not going to FLIP OUT and rant and rave...oh no. I'm just going to outline some points about why I like the movie, some of it's positive points and critical assessments, and also, I will attempt to address the fact that you are fucking crazy.

Let's start out with your Kuhrazy allegations here.

"Hustle and Flow" is to Hip Hop what "Hackers" is to 1337 fucking hacking..."

This is pretty much the crux of your argument: that Hustle and Flow is a fake depiction of making southern "crunk" hip hop. Yes, Craig Brewer wrote this thing, and he is white....but he is also a very good writer, and he does what good writers should: research the hell out of his subject.

John "Boyz n'da hood" Singleton is the producer, which probably means he liked the movie and approved of Craig's vision. Singleton is also blacker than both of us times a trillion. If it's good enough for him, it should be enough for a white boy from T.O.

I don't know when you became an authoritay on crunk hip-hop or even music making in general. I listen to far more southern hip-hop than anyone in our crew. In fact, I can safely say I introduced all of you to the 3-6 mafia. Which is why I'm puzzled that this seems so fake to you, when it seems so real to me. What is so outrageous about a pimp or a drug dealer getting together with some friends in a basement and making music? I guarantee you it happens all the damn time! In fact, that's how the Three six got started....

And no one says rizzle or dizzle or nizzle...they do talk about laying down hooks because GASP! they need a hook on that track! Or are they supposed to use some kind of cooler lingo for that?

This is a film about dreams, about beginning again, about how it is never too late to turn your life around. How you absolutely must stop doing what you hate to do and change your life for the better – not next week, not next month, but start right now. I love this film. I love the story of the film, how it got made...damn near everything about it.

I love how it takes the expectations of the Blaxploitation Genre and turns it on its ear. This is a tale about the worst sort of people in the world. A pimp – an exploiter of women. His ho's and the people he convinces to join him on his dream. And I felt that dream, felt that desperation, that hurt, that expectation.

This is a film with a very small budget but some of the best acting in cinema this year. Craig Brewer is the debut talent of the year and he came out against all odds and made one of the best films of the year.

fair enough
Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 06, 2006
I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be an expert on any sort of music, especially rap. So, this could very well be an accurate depiction of how a rap star earns his fame. I suppose to me (the uneducated observer) that this movie's premise is nothing original. You are fully correct in saying that the crux of my argument is the fact that the whole thing seems fake as hell. It seems unoriginal, uninspired and a very stale tale to tell.

Just about every movie ever about a musical group involves the all important demo tape and getting it aired. In 'Airheads' you had the group stage an unintentional and HILARIOUS! hostage taking, in 'Hustle and Flow' he beats the fuck out of someone and shoots his bodyguard. All to get the all important Demo on the air. (before you start... YES YES I know he does this out of frustration at the dude BREAKING HIS DREAM, but you know what I mean)

This type of story has been done a thousand times and would usually be used as a star-vehicle, really I am surprised that this movie didn't star someone like 50 cent (or whomever might be appropriate).

And really the creative process looked better (and more convincing) in School of Rock than it did in this movie. I guess I am just not knowledgable enough about making music, what I see as a gay, contrived scene is actually what happens everyday to produce an album.

BUT really, you are probably quite right, and this is a fantastic example of a ground-up story of a rapper making it. I just hope his hooker got something out of this deal. She provided all the funding (with her ass) and got his tape on the air (with her ass). She is apparently 'in charge'. What she is in charge of is never quite clear, as it seems she isn't even in charge of her own ass.

One more thing, what Blacksploitation genre pieces did this movie "turn on it's ear"? The part where the pimp is shooting people? The part where the pimp treats his Hoes like hoes?