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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for October 24th 2005!

Posted by kristian on Oct 24, 2005
Here's some advice for you, Paul.

Instead of a Palm pilot, a much more economical means could be a small pad of paper and a pen/pencil. Honestly, it will take aprox a third of the time to write it (have you ever tried writing in a Palm?) and take up just as much a total cost of $1.50. And you will be typing it into your PC later in the evening, so you will have electronic copies of your thoughts then.

Posted by phduffy on Oct 24, 2005
Palm's are smaller!

Do you think everyone would pitch in and buy me a pen and some paper?

Posted by Palmer on Oct 24, 2005
I'm in with supplying you with pens and paper.

not in
Posted by rockfaerie on Oct 24, 2005
get your own damn paper.... you have enough money to go to europe several times so i think you can afford a pad of paper and a writing utensil, i suggest a push pencil that way you don't have to splurge for a sharpener!

Posted by cosmicfish on Oct 24, 2005
my Mom is going to win the lottery and share it with me... when that happenes I will buy you all a palm pilot.

they will say wolfshack l33t

I'm out
Posted by mike on Oct 24, 2005
I find the concept of a palm pilot to be ridiculous in general.

If something is important it will get remembered. I'll start pinning notes to my own lapel before I need that crap.

Posted by phduffy on Oct 24, 2005
Mike, I don't want a palm pilot for you, I want it for myself.

rockafairie, I need you to buy me a palm pilot because I took loans out to go to Europe, and now I can't afford it.

yes but...
Posted by mike on Oct 24, 2005
My rage at these devices prevents me from being a part of purchasing one, even for a fine gentlemen as yourself.

I do hope it works out for you though man... just don't get into it to the point where you can't remeber anything for yourself anymore. And also don't let a computer run your life... unless that's what you really want.

Posted by kristian on Oct 25, 2005
I actually do have a Palm (although I recommended Paul NOT get one) and actually still use it...I got it when I was in school and used it a lot, but I still use it. Good for shopping lists, thoughts, phone numbers & addresses (including directions to people's houses) but most importantly appointments for the alarm function. I have the memory of...well, someone who has a terrible memory, and my Palm has saved me a thousand times.

Posted by phduffy on Oct 25, 2005
Kris, remember, I'm not getting one.

You're getting one for me!

still goin with the no
Posted by rockfaerie on Oct 25, 2005
duffy: i suggest you take out another loan... or if you are indeed genuinely interested in getting a device such as a palm pilot, who not consider investing in something like a blackberry, it seems more practical then an electronic device stictly for taking notes, at least witha blackberry you could in put your ideas directly onto the wedsite, save yourself the middle step... and i would like to see mike walking around covered in stick-it notes...

Not Interested
Posted by phduffy on Oct 26, 2005
In a Blackberry.

Blackberry's are for internet connections.
I'm not into that.