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Forum posts for Mystery Science 3000

yeah.... but..
Posted by alltogethernow on Oct 13, 2005
i have seen this show.. it's not good..

With MST3K we got to see these movies in their original (if completely horrible) condition.. .. It was just watching bad movies and making fun of them.. WONDERFUL..

But with this show it has got nothing to do with the original movies they are showing... they don't use the concepts behind them and instead provide their own "hilarious" dialogue.. This COULD work but ... they aren't very funny..

If someone did a real MST3K for Asian B movies it would be great... Shit it is really easy to make fun of kung fu movies where the waiter at your local restaurant is actually a master of snake-styles... and the barber is the king of mantis-style..

What about fucking FIST OF THE GOLDEN MONKEY... boys i know you remember this movie...

What would be better.. cutting the movie down to 30 minutes and dubbing 'funny' dialogue about brittany spears?
Watching the whole horrible thing straight through while making fun and occasionally crying about it.... ?

my vote is for the latter..