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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for October 4th 2005!

My Confession
Posted by Palmer on Oct 04, 2005
My confession is as such: When I first heard about Paul Duffy, all I would is "Oh, you and Paul are the same person" and "Oh, you and Paul will get along great. You are like clones of one another".

Before I met him, the only thing I knew about Paul Duffy was that someone had shown me a picture. This picture can be found in this thread:

So, my confession is that at first I was thinking that Paul was going to be a freakin' weirdo who liked to dress in women's underwear (which didn't do much for my confidence considering everyone said I was just like him) but he turned out to be fairly normal.

FAIRLY normal.

My turn
Posted by kristian on Oct 04, 2005
First of all I would like to comment on other people's confessions.

Paul - Paul Duffy has never had a coffee. Confess it.

Ryan - It may have been said on occasion that Ryan was "the nice version of Paul". Or, conversely, that Paul was "the asshole version of Ryan"

I will confess that one time I was at the gym on a cardio machine and that Paul came in and worked out on the machine directly beside me. I had met Paul a few times before and I knew who he was, but I did not acknowledge him in any way and pretended not to know him.

And one more thing regarding confessions. Katie, Miguel and Carrie, this would be the perfect forum for confessing a certain foul smell in a cab.

Posted by phduffy on Oct 04, 2005
Paul - Paul Duffy has never had a coffee. Confess it.

That seemed like more of a fact than a confession.

You are right.
Posted by Miguel on Oct 04, 2005
I confess that I am sure that Carrie was the one with the most horrendously offensive fart in the history of mankind in that cab.

Another confession
Posted by phduffy on Oct 04, 2005
I think I"m better than people who like Wedding Crashers more than 40 year old Virgin.

Like, nothing wrong with Wedding Crashers (well other than the last 45 min), but 40yr old virgin is obviously better.

Oh yeah, I also think I'm better than people who don't like Arrested Development or the Office.

Posted by Katie on Oct 04, 2005
what to confess? So many choices.

Okay this is something terrible that I did in junior high school. I decided that I didn't like my winter coat anymore. Really it was fine, but my best friend was a skier and she had a super cool ski coat and I wanted one just like it. So we plotted, and came up with a plan to rip my coat in a way that was realistic, so that my mom would have to buy me a new one. I said it got ripped while pulling it out of my locker.

Which is awful, cause my parents were raising 4 kids and we really didn't have a lot of money.

And in the end, my mom didn't buy me a new one, she just got the one I didn't like repaired.

I felt super guilty, but have never told the truth.

I like the way this is going
Posted by Katie on Oct 04, 2005
I think I'm better than Paul.

Ok ok ok the truth now.
Posted by Miguel on Oct 04, 2005

The truth is that Paul and Trevor KNOW that I told that girl on the phone 9 years ago that she had a nice voice, but they were so jealous of my awesometivity that they just couldn't handle it.

So we we have this charade going on where Paul and Trev deny that I told this girl anything.

And that's just not right. I figured that today was a good day to confess what really happened almost a decade ago.

yeah.. miguel.. smooth as you are..
Posted by alltogethernow on Oct 04, 2005
i am sure you just looooove Celine Dion and all the Top 40 Hits... FAG

Today is truly a day of confession and r
Posted by Miguel on Oct 04, 2005
I confess.....that I truly love Celine Dion and Top 40 hits. I regret that I only shared this with some random girl at a random party.

I should have told you guys this a long time ago.

Posted by Palmer on Oct 05, 2005
I confess that the man I once knew as Miguel, is not the man I used to know. Top 40? Come on.