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Forum posts for Would you want to know...

Posted by weberm1 on Sep 27, 2005
yeah, sure. dreams never really mean what they are anyway. i've had dreams where i have been murdered by family members, and i'm still around.

wait, that's pretty morbid. my dreams are usually pretty weird though.

Posted by kristian on Sep 27, 2005
I get killed in my dreams all the time, but it's usually by strangers. I have had dreams that people I know die, but I'm not the one killing them, so I think that's OK.

Would you want to know if your friend had a dream that they were the ones who murdered you?

Posted by weberm1 on Sep 27, 2005
sure, i think i would find it kinda funny if a friend told me they had a dream where they were trying to kill me.

well, i guess i might be weird about it for two minutes, and then i would laugh. i had a dream years ago where my dad was chasing me around with a butcher knife. so creepy, because my dad is so mellow usually, and he was completely freaking out. but it didn't freak me out for long.

how about you duffy, answer your own question.

Posted by cosmicfish on Sep 27, 2005
I had a dream a long time ago that my sister had a big knife and was carving a date into my head, I could see it in third person but couldn't make out the date.

I don't think it really means anything, I wouldn't care if someone had a dream about me, I'd rather it be a killing one then a sex one.

Posted by phduffy on Sep 27, 2005
I had a dream where Beth and Carrie moved to Ottawa or Montreal or something, and became friends with a girl name Allison.

Allison was bad news, and loved the cocaine, but she was also dealing it, which pissed someone off.

So, whoever it was that got pissed off (I never knew) killed them and a couple of other people, and took a picture of the bodies (which were in a ditch under a bridge) and emailed them to all their friends as a warning.

There was no blood or anything though, so I'm not sure how they died.

It sucked though, I woke up at 5:00 sweating and very upset.... like, why the hell would anyone do that?

Posted by Beth on Sep 28, 2005
I didn't get to answer the question......

Paul I hope you dont' have ESP... or things aren't looking good for me.... but thanks for sharing!

And hopefully Carrie and I won't cause you any more lost sleep.

You reap what you sow "dream beth"
Posted by Miguel on Sep 28, 2005
For befriending a filthy narcotics peddler.

Paul is this Allison girl a girl you know, or just a dream girl?

Posted by phduffy on Sep 29, 2005
I have a cousin Alison, but that wasn't her.

Just some random dream girl.