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Forum posts for Congrats

Posted by krys on Sep 25, 2005
the picture worked in the confirmation.. but not in the message.. Help.
otherwise i have a website you can check the cutie out at.

i apologize.

Posted by vivian on Sep 25, 2005
i'll try to repost the image for you incase people are too lazy to check the URL themselves:

CONGRATULATIONS ON HAVING A CUTE BABY!!! [beware of theft; krys was talking about stealing it already]

Posted by weberm1 on Sep 26, 2005
Congrats guys, she's adorable.

and i'm sure vivian meant 'she' and not 'it'. :)

such a cool name too, i'm sure my roommate rayna can appreciate it.

Posted by jessie on Sep 26, 2005
She is soooo CUTE!
congratulations, i am looking forward to seeing her (and spoiling her!)

Posted by vivian on Sep 26, 2005
alright.. i have a hard time referring to babies and puppies as anything besides "it"...

i'll try harder...

Posted by Nerhael on Sep 26, 2005
Okay, I fixed the article image.

You don't need to use html, you just post the raw url.

Very cute. I love the hat. :)

advice to Matt
Posted by noodle on Sep 26, 2005
remember now that she's had the baby, you have to keep pumping them out to maintain your permanent designated driver....

in other words