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Forum posts for Always buy more than 6 doughnuts at a time!

Posted by phduffy on Sep 15, 2005
I believe that most of those rules (like the doughnut one) have since been changed.

This looks like something that would have come out right after the GST went into place (not that there aren't lots of weird GST rules).

Prize in Every Box
Posted by noodle on Sep 16, 2005
where can i find these boxes of cereal containing liquor? are the on my grocer's shelves?

^ cereal
Posted by vivian on Sep 17, 2005
haha i was wondering the same thing...

though at first i misread it and thought there was a wine filled cereal somewhere out there

GT Boutique
Posted by clanders on Oct 05, 2005
Reminds me of the gentleman at Giant Tiger who had 4 cans of pop to purchase, and insisted that the cashier must ring them in seperately.

He then proceeded to pay each total with the exact change in pennies, nickels and dimes.