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Forum posts for self promotion

Posted by vivian on Sep 07, 2005
hey it looks good.. i took a quick look at it, so i haven't checked all the links and stuff.. i think i've seen all this work already..

the main thing that strikes me though, is the horrible "Tr" kerning pair in your "Traditional" header.. it's killing me man, close up the space.. The Bickley is reading as "T raditional" to me.. I don't know if it's your software doing this, or if it was intentionally done to make the word line up with "Photography" but either way...

maybe check that link/type in your word for reference to what i mean?

sorry for dwelling on this........

keep up the good work, and thanks for the link..

Posted by cosmicfish on Sep 07, 2005
it does look good alex.

vivian, did you just know the name of that font? have you seen the new beck album? the cover design is really neat, the font on the back is super cool.

Posted by vivian on Sep 07, 2005
i recognized it, but had to look it up :P

i haven't seen beck's new cd.. are you talking about guero?

if you like that style, you should check out ; eduardo recife is the king of the grunge type style.. beautiful work, and free downloads.. !

Posted by Katie on Sep 08, 2005
okay, I don't even know you so I feel a little bad pointing things out. But on the Portraits page under photography, there is a spelling mistake.

Corrisponding should be corresponding.

Other than that, lovely!

Posted by Mona on Sep 08, 2005
Katie, what's this? Now you're an English teacher.

Seriously, it's funny because I've been in education long enough to have weathered different schools of 'spelling correction."
The worst one was that if you made spelling corrections, you were quashing creativity. What do you think?

Posted by Nerhael on Sep 09, 2005
I'm going to have to call bullshit on that one.

Unless a student is aware that they manipulating the proper use of language for some artistic bent... how is a display of outright ignorance creative?

The only thing I could read into that is that they mean is that an individual's interest in writing could be squashed by the repeated failure to spell 'potato' right. Which also seems awfully weak as an argument.

Posted by Miguel on Sep 09, 2005


Posted by Katie on Sep 09, 2005
If I had to be supportive of my student's right to express creativity through terrible spelling, I would not make a good teacher.

I think there is a difference between being creative with spelling (which I would never agree with anyway) and mispelling.

I would say Miguel was being (facetiously) creative. But if you are reading a whole paper/document/report and find one mispelled word, that qualifies as a mistake. For two reasons, one it is mispelled and two, if the author was intending to be creative with spelling they didn't do a good enough job getting their creative point across by using only a single example.

Now. Let's hope I have no mistakes in this post!

Posted by phduffy on Sep 09, 2005
I'm pretty sure mom told me that you're not allowed to take marks off for people handing things in late anymore, because that doesn't demonstrate your ability to do the task.

Posted by Nerhael on Sep 09, 2005
Isn't part of the task getting the damn job done on time?

Like real world doesn't often allow that kind of leniency, why the hell should school? I believe that properly acknowledging early on that you just can't do it is what this should teach.

I've always hated when you know you have 5 projects all due on the same day, and not one teacher would budge, so something is going to suffer.

Look at you guys...
Posted by kristian on Sep 09, 2005
with your "kids these days have it so easy" attitude. You must be old.

Wouldn't you have loved handing in the odd assingment a day or two late? Maybe this is progress.

When I was a kid...
Posted by mike on Sep 09, 2005
I had to swim a river everyday upstream for a half mile with my bike strapped to my back, then bike uphill for 3 miles through dense forest... and that was just to get to the bus stop to get to school. In the winter I had to break the ice in front of me as I swam.

Kid's these days have it so easy.

In reality:
If I submit an Municipal bid (for work) even 1 minute late I don't get any marks taken off, but my bid is immediately thrown in the garbage and the hours of work I put into it are gone forever.
It boggles my mind that due dates aren't taken seriously. If I had someone work for me who liked to do everything late... their ass would be fired. The reason? Incompetence, plain and simple.