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Forum posts for Hunk of the Month!

Posted by Miguel on Sep 02, 2005
He's about a 7, 7.5 tops for me. He's cute, but not dreamy cute like say..... Orlando Bloom.

Oh Legolas ! I would be your elfin bride!!!

Posted by rockfaerie on Sep 02, 2005
i'm gonna say 9.5 cus nobody's perfect... i obviously heart the nerds(hehe Nath)... and i loved this guy when he had his fro, so the shaggy wavy hair just rocks my socks!

but i still heart Nathan more!

Posted by phduffy on Sep 02, 2005
He's no Napoleon Dynamite.

Posted by jessie on Sep 02, 2005
i am impressed by his skills....7.3/10

Posted by vivian on Sep 02, 2005
my comment was stolen by paul


Look at those teeth!
Posted by clanders on Oct 06, 2005
iT WOULD BE LIKE KISSING A DONKEY, and trust me, I've already had enough jackasses in my thank you!