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Forum posts for Miguel's advice of the day for August 30th

Posted by vivian on Aug 30, 2005
i agree.. the movie was pretty good..

my piece of advice -
movie to avoid: The Crow: Wicked Prayer [the Crow #4] ...

DO NOT RENT THIS. NOT EVEN AS A JOKE. it is not a funny joke.

Eddie Furlong, Tara Reid, the guy who played Angel, and .. wait for it... DENNIS HOPPER PLAYING A PIMP. and speaking like a pimp. it wasn't funny - it was painful beyond belief... you don't understand how bad this movie is: do not subject yourself to it...

Posted by vivian on Aug 30, 2005
i replied to the wrong post

i meant to agree that Assault on Precinct 13 was 'pretty good' - Sin City = AWESOME.


Posted by jessie on Aug 31, 2005

here is another site about cats!

Also, I feel really bad for the people put out by the hurricane, but check out this quote:

"I can only imagine that this is what Hiroshima looked like 60 years ago," said Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour after touring the destruction by air Tuesday.

I hardly think a hurricane can be compared to a nuclear bomb (please note this is a quote from the GOVERNOR!!!!) Also, I have heard many comparisons to the tsunami in regards to the deaths and destruction, which is also ridicules, as over 220,000 people died, and whole villages just gone.

One last comment about this whole thing, oil companies are completely fucking consumers. They are acting as though they only have a day-to-day supply, and gouging consumers. Three days of oil refineries off the Gulf Coast does not equal a 20-cent per litre increase in gas. They are saying that their refineries have been damaged, but we have yet to see if this is indeed true. Fuck oil, find another means of transportation.

oh, and fyi, refineries in the gulf do not effect canada's oil supply (barely), so we are just completely being gauged...

Posted by phduffy on Aug 31, 2005
While it may seem a little silly to compare the Hurricane to the tsunami, the fact is taht the devestation and loss of life would have been pretty much identical if the Hurricane had come without warning.

And some of the worse case estimates for the hurricane (which included levee's collapsing and the nearby lake completely overflowing) would have completely destroyed New Orleans. As in, people would not be able to live there for 100s of years.

Have you seen the pictures of the city after the Hurricane? There are parts where you can't even tell it's a city. I would not be surprised if aerial views of the two cities looked similar, the only difference being that there would be many more bodies in Hiroshima.

Also, no nuclear bomb went off in Hiroshima or Nagasaki, it was an Atomic bomb.

It's not only the oil refineries, but the oil pipelines, many of which were centered in Louisana, which may be fucked for some time now.

Now, with them being fucked, it means that people need to get their oil elsewhere. So, while Canada may not import oil from the gulf coast (I don't know if they do or not), people who do import from the gulf coast will now be importing it from the same places that Canada buys from (Texas, Alberta, Saudi Arabia, etc). This means that while the supply of oil for Canadians may stay the same, the demand hasn't, so prices go up.

Somewhere I have a clip of a guy flying a helicopter over Mississippi after the hurricane, I'll post it later if I can find it.

Posted by kristian on Aug 31, 2005
Paul, you always have answers. Smart Guy Paul always tells you why you are wrong.

Go shove your answers up your ass

P.S. The price of gas really does suck.

Bonus Advice
Posted by mike on Aug 31, 2005
Remember, if you don't want your shit getting wet:

1.) Don't build below sea level
2.) Don't build on a flood plain


If everybody is saying that you should GET THE FUCK OUT because a hurricane is coming to destroy everything you should pack some shit and go. If you are given several days of advance notice that bad shit is going to happen, and you do nothing to help your situation, I have whatever the opposite of pity is for you. Anti-pity, or unpity, or something.

More also,

If you know anyone who controls gas prices there are two things that you could do that would be beneficial:

1.) Punch them in the face. This will make you feel better.

2.) Tell them that gas is a bargain and that you are 100% confident that people would be glad to pay 5x what they are currently asking. Explain how $5 per litre isn't gouging, it is just a long overdue market adjustment due to a reduction of oil production on the moon or something. Since all the oil companies are doing is grabbing money for the short term and shooting themselves in the foot in the long term I'm on board, give them enough rope and they will hopefully hang themselves.
People are so used to gas and oil and such that this might just be the slap in the face they need to start looking elsewhere for energy. If you can convince the oil companies to screw themselves, the we will all feel better.

Posted by kristian on Aug 31, 2005
I read that any vehicle made since 1997 or something that currently runs on diesel can also run on biodiesel. Biodiesel is made from vegetable oils, such as used up french fry grease. Apparently there are several stations across the US that offer biodiesel, but you can also buy a machine (for about $2000) to make it in your garage.

Here's some more info:

Safe to handle, non-toxic, renewable, and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions up to 100%.
75% cleaner burning than regular fuel, so it is better for your engine.
Filling stations are popping all over with an estimated 100 million gallons being produced in the U.S. in 2005.
It is the only alternative fuel to have completed the rigorous Health Effects testing requirements of the Clean Air Act.

But wait, there's more
Posted by kristian on Aug 31, 2005
some links

Posted by jessie on Aug 31, 2005
i can only hope the oil companies are screwing themselves...

and sorry paul, i was very worked up when i intially posted, so there were words missing, and mistakes make...but regardless, this area of devestation was below sea level (as mike already pointed out) and had no means to keep floodwaters from destroying their city, outside of their levy system, which worked sooooo well. This area is luckly they lasted this long without a major storm to put them underwater.

The Hiroshima comment was completely inappropriate and it got me all upset. The people who didn't die or evaporate when the bomb was dropped suffered radiation poisoning, and died slow painful deaths. And the US inflicted this onto the Japanese. Not comparable, no matter what the damage.

tsunami - also no comparable, just because of the sheer size of the areas effected.

I am not saying it isn't a horrible disaster, it is, and it is horrible that so many lives were lost, and beyond that, the cities and towns effected are essentially gone now. I just do not appreciate invalid comparisons to sensationalize the story. It is sensational enough.

cnn sucks balls...

Posted by phduffy on Aug 31, 2005
Jessie, I'm sorry, but I don't see how they said anything that was disagreeable.

What they said was true.... they said that it looks like Hiroshima after the bomb.
That's true. The pictures make New Orleans look chicken noodle soup.

Was there the same level of devesation as Hiroshima or the tsunami? Of course not. However, in the areas that were hit, the devestation to property and nature is similar. Luckily most people heeded the advice to get the fuck out.

And of course, most of the deaths haven't even happened yet. Since most of New Orleans is above sea level, including the sewer system, all kinds of crap is floating to the surface. Both literally and figuratively. There are concerns that diseases taht don't really exist in NA anymore like Malaria and Cholera might come back and start to wipe people out down there. Basically, all the sewage and dead animals makes for a breeding ground for diseases and mosquitos.

Now, the Red Cross is pretty good at this stuff, so hopefully they can get down there and stop most of that from happening.

I ignored all the stuff about this when I first heard, I thought it'd be like Hurricane Andrew or something like that. You know, get some poeple wet, tear the roof off some trailers, that kind of thing.
That's not what it is. This is a biblical style storm.

Apparently people have known for years that New Orleans was basically fucked eventually. I've read some old stuff where people say taht New Orleans won't exist in 100 years. Easy to find taht stuff now though.

I was just in Ireland, and gas there is about 90 pence a litre. To convert that to dollars, multiply for 2.2.

I know it seems like the companies are all colluding, but there have literally been hundreds of studies on this stuff, from federal to provincial to state levels, and independent research by universities and consumer groups, and not a single one of them has found collusion. In fact, most of them find that gas is one of the most competitive markets in the world, and that helps to keep prices down. One of the reasons we have such cheap gas, comparatively, is because there are so many gas stations and you have so many options, that companies have to keep their prices low.

water water everywhere...
Posted by cosmicfish on Aug 31, 2005
I saw on... Global news, a woman who had lost her hom saying in disbelief, "This is America!" as if weather doesn't usually happen in America. It was funny, and sad.

Have hurricanes this terrible always happened this frequently or is global warming making more severe storms?

Biodiesle is sweet!

oh yeah
Posted by cosmicfish on Aug 31, 2005
If you really need cheap gas, go get it from a gurrilla group in Niger. They sell it for half the price!

People are such greedy fucks. I hate so much that everything depends on oil.

Posted by jessie on Aug 31, 2005
Global warming may have indeed to help this storm along. It is undeniable that the earth is warming, beyond that of what it is capable of doing naturally. Recent reports show this, for all those nay-sayers.

Anyway, the gulf waters were over ninety degrees as this storm passed over, fueling it and bringing it to category five. I am not saying that there is scientific data to support that this was caused by global warming, but it is a scary thought to ponder.

I think this settles it:
Posted by phduffy on Aug 31, 2005
On the suburbs of southern california stood the opposing team with its dense array of dumbass fans wearing the colors drenched with their own mortality,but in green and yellow attire like the great warriors before, with hair dishevelled, waving bats. All around, the bases, lifting up their hands to heaven, and pouring forth dreadful imprecations, risen our players by the demise of a fellow warrior, so that, as if their enemies were crying in shadows, taking solace in their pity, the great force from the north reunited to tear down any uprising from the south. As the men gathered back into ranks to ashame their enemies again, a single voice rose above all, "Lets go win for everything right and FAIR on this earth, win for EARNING your keeps, win for the every angel who ascend to heaven everytime steve finley cant get his prescription refilled, win this because every hard working middle class's soul is depended on you and even the almighty is with us today, LETS GO A'S. LETS GO A'S, LETS GO A'S." CHARGE