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Forum posts for The 40 Year Old Virgin

No wait, I was thinking of something els
Posted by James H> on Aug 15, 2005
This film is obviously not a superhero movie, but it does tell the story of a comic-book reading, action-figure collecting 40 year old guy, who also happens to be a virgin. Andy Stitzer, the character in question, spends his days working in an electronics store and when his co-workers discover his situation, they set out to help him by any means necessary. Hilarity ensues. I had a chance to see the movie last week and I can't remember the last time a film made me laugh that hard. Between the speed dating, drunk driving, and hair waxing scenes, I thought I was going to injure myself laughing. Despite all the urine and vomit involved (in the movie that is), it’s not just a lowbrow gross out comedy either. There is a solid story behind all the laughs and great performances from the entire cast. The film stars Steve Carrell (The Office, The Daily Show) who co-wrote the script with Judd Apatow (Freaks and Geeks, Anchorman). It has been getting great reviews, including 2 thumbs up from Ebert & Roeper, and I highly recommend checking out The 40 Year Old Virgin.

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Just wondering
Posted by kristian on Aug 16, 2005
Did you see Wedding Crashers? Was it funnier than that? Cuz that was pretty damned funny.

Can't say that I have
Posted by James H> on Aug 17, 2005
I haven't had a chance to see Wedding Crashers yet, but I have read comparisons between the two movies in some reviews. I doubt the 40 Year Old Virgin will be the #1 movie in Canada three weeks in a row or anything, but who knows. It opens this Friday, so we shall see.

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Posted by phduffy on Aug 31, 2005
Wedding Crashers can't touch 40 year old virgin.

They're not in the same league.