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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for August 10, 2005

Posted by alltogethernow on Aug 10, 2005
This is a Dateline NBC expose on porn spammers whom are hilariously located in the same building as our good friend Seth's place of business is even mentioned in the piece in conjunction with the accused spammers... Also, according to the article 'The dingy alleys of King west are known as Toronto's cyber-porn district.' Who knew?

I've been to this building twice for interviews... and i really wouldn't call it dingy. They are all former industrial buildings made into swank offices for dot-coms and various design companies....

Anyhow take a look as Seth's workplace is infiltrated by the hidden cameras of a major international news magazine... not everyday that happens..

it's the 2nd link in the 'Watch the Video' section....
"In Toronto's Internet Porn District."
and you must use internet explorer to watch the video.. thanks to the fucks over as MSNBC... FAGS


searching... bryan... searching... bryan
Posted by kat* on Aug 10, 2005
searching for bryan... call me or email me or send a carrier pigeon... found an apartment... coincidentally not far from the aformentioned 'The dingy alleys of King west ... known as Toronto's cyber-porn district.' ... searching for bryan...