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Forum posts for my portfolio

Posted by kristian on Aug 09, 2005
I don't know if maybe I was having trouble with the site, but there was only one painting and one drawing (both fantastic, BTW). Was there supposed to be more?

Posted by vivian on Aug 09, 2005
hey overall it looks nice

i'm having a problem with the type though.. the light Futura [?] u/c and l/c all tracked out for the information is a bitch to read and you've got two widows [a single word on the line by itself] .. and the leading is a little.. large.. you could always just close up the hard returns and that way you'd save some [vertical] space and the first paragraph wouldn't have to basically touch the blackletter F..

etc etc i'm a type geek, ignore me sorry..

Posted by cosmicfish on Aug 09, 2005
its okay vivian, i trust your critique. i'll change it when i'm finished the picture i'm working on now. the font is one my brother got from the yearbook staff? its called Maximo if that means anything...

my brother did the code and made the arrows and home button at the bottow fade out, maybe it's too hard to see?

Posted by vivian on Aug 09, 2005
it's probably renamed Futura so it could be a free PC font : [i searched 'Maximo' and i'm coming up with fonts that look nothing like that..] is that the spacing that the font came with?? try using Futura instead, if you like the look of that.... and there are tons of weights of Futura..

the arrows look fine on my monitor.. there is enough colour difference between them and the bg...