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Forum posts for STOP THE DRILLING!

Posted by phduffy on Jul 25, 2005
I agree with the sentiment of your post, but fucking right more Daylight Savings Time! We should have it year round... who cares how much light we get at 7 ini the morning? NOT THIS GUY.

(Or do you mean, screw extra daylight savings time as it's just a stupid bandaid solution to saving power?)

Online petitions might work for stuff that's not serious, like bringing back Family Guy or something, but I don't think theyr'e a good way of influencing US policy.
Doesnt' hurt to try thoguh.

Posted by Katie on Jul 26, 2005
yes, I guess I do mean that.

I also mean that the US needs to get over themselves and stop making decisions assuming that we will just follow along with what they decide.

I've always hated daylight savings. And when I was a kid, and in bed at 8pm and the sun was still shining and the lucky kids were still out playing? I really hated daylight savings then.

And then later in life when I would walk to school early in the morning for various practices, I would generally be walking in a kind of early dawn type deal. Then the clocks would go forward and I would be walking in the pitch black. It sucked. Plus I walked through a little forest to get to my school so it was scary.

Essentially, daylight savings has left me horribly traumatized.