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Forum posts for Ebay Fraud?

Posted by phduffy on Jun 03, 2005
What did the seller say?

Contact him, tell him you want to reverse the purchase, and if not, he gets terrible feedback.
Then contact ebay.

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 03, 2005
He won't respond to any of my emails.

SO yeah, will be contacting one: credit card company, ebay, paypal next week.

Posted by Katie on Jun 03, 2005
Apple has just announced that they're giving everyone who bought one of the first versions of the iPod a US$50 gift certificate and a new battery (I think) due to the crappiness that everyone experienced. Maybe this applies to you?

Apple suit
Posted by pudding on Jun 03, 2005
I read that the battery is very difficult to get out due to a ton of adhesive they surround it with. Apple will give you $50USD if certain generations of iPods don't give x hours of battery life with the stock speakers. You need to show proof of purchase, but they may not honour 3rd party (ebay) purchases. As a last resort the $50 is something.

I am pretty sure ebay will reimburse you up to ~$500 if the product doesn't work, no questions... so you might have some luck there.

I know my dad researched all that stuff before he bought a laptop from ebay.

Apple Care
Posted by Nerhael on Jun 03, 2005
Yeah, I read that about the apple refund thing, and warranty extension, which is how you'd get a free battery replacement, but I'd need to have original receipt I think, so show when it was originally purchased... Could maybe try based on serial number though.

Blarg, it's total bullshit... At least if I leave it on charger all night, I can use it to bike to work. Then it dies 20-40 mins later. :) Then recharge again before leaving.

Posted by jessie on Jun 03, 2005
pete, i have my dad looking into getting you a new battery, so hopefully that works...

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 03, 2005
They make ipod batteries?

Posted by jessie on Jun 03, 2005
he's checking...he can pretty much get any kind of battery though, but it might take a while...

Posted by MDuffy on Jun 03, 2005
I got burned once for a pair of shoes that never came. I contacted paypal and got my money back.

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 03, 2005
Yeah, I think ebay/paypal is much better if the thing never arrives, and the person can't prove they actually sent it to you.

In this case, he sent it, I received it, so that's not an option.

However, he finally got back to me, and will send another battery. So we'll see how that works. Will have to figure out how to install the thing though.