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Forum posts for Rotten Tomatoes

Posted by Nerhael on May 18, 2005
Okay, I think a tomato is 51%, but I think they rate what the person said almost as much as the final rating. So if the guy talks nicely about it for most of the review...but gives is a weird rating, they might put more stock in review content than star rating.

That said.... I took a glance at the Globe review....and don't think that's what happened there. Not sure what the hell is going on there. Though with the globe's reviewing standards....maybe 2 stars is a good review from them?

I saw an extended trailer for the moview last weekend, and thought it looked pretty damned impressive....but will have to see how the final product turns out.

Posted by phduffy on May 19, 2005
Maybe a 50% is a pass?

So that if you get 2 out of 4 stars, you get the tomato?

I first noticed this when I looked up Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow....

if you actually read the reviews, they're not that great, but overall it does well.

Like, if 90% of reviews are reviews that give you 60%, you get a 90% rating, even though that's not really all that accurate.

Posted by Miguel on May 19, 2005
in rottentomatoes 60% is a pass, anything else will get you the dreaded ROTTEN rating.

And yes, it is a pretty funny system. I dont really go by the agglomerate rating, I just pick and choose the critics listed there that I like and see what they say.

Posted by phduffy on May 19, 2005
what happened with the Globe's Review of Star Wars?
They gave it two out of four, and it got a tomato.

I guess you could still have 90% 60's and get a 90 overall, but if a sixty's a pass, there's not much room to wigle around there.

Check out this score
Posted by phduffy on Jun 20, 2005